How And When To Mow The Lawn? Some Tips You Should Know

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Knowing how and when to mow the lawn and with what tools to do it! It is very essential to have splendid green grass all year round. Every time we perform the task of skewing the grass, we are favoring its growth. It will allow us to obtain increasingly thick, dense, and uniform grass.

*When To Mow The Lawn

1. These are the facts to understand when to cut the grass

If you are still wondering when is the right time to mow, it is important that you understand the following:

  • There is no fixed date
  • The frequency of grass cutting depends on the weather conditions
  • The time of year also affects
  • The variety of grass you have planted

As a general rule, the lawn should be mowed more frequently in summer (approximately once a week). And during the spring and fall seasons, 2-3 times a month is sufficient. But in winter things change. And the cutoff frequency must be reduced or practically zero.

If you are in the middle of summer or the spring heat is already starting to be more intense! Always remember that the best time to mow the lawn is the last hours of the day. Since you can avoid the hottest hours. But something fundamental is that you must make sure that the garden is not wet. Otherwise, the cut will not be homogeneous.

2. Frequency of irrigation: The importance of the type of lawn

Depending on the variety or type of grass that we have planted in our garden or green space… The season of the year in which you are, the climate, temperature and humidity, the frequency or periodicity of irrigation, and the volume of water to use will vary in each case.

At first, it may be difficult for us to understand these variables. But do not worry. The best we can do from the first moment is to observe closely and carefully the lawn in all the planted green space. Since when it needs water it will be clearly noticeable that the leaves go from having a green color to acquiring a blue or even gray hue. In addition to the older ones will begin to curl slightly.

By knowing the state of our lawn we will be able to clearly understand the frequency of irrigation necessary in any season of the year. And have total assurance that you are receiving the water you need.

If you planted recently and your grass is still very fragile and light! You may be wondering how often to water the lawn after planting it? Remember this: whenever you have just planted new grass, you will have to water it periodically every day. Since only then will we achieve that all the seeds germinate and do so with force.

*When To Mow The Lawn? At What Height?

1. Average cutting heights of natural grass:

Mowing the lawn is one of the most important activities to achieve an evergreen garden. For this, it is very important that the height does not exceed 5 cm, approximately. Although this measure can vary according to the type of grass you have planted.

If you neglect the lawn and do not cut or water it with the frequency indicated, it will not only lose beauty but also becomes a risk to your health and those who live with you. Since weeds commonly attract insects and some are often carriers of diseases. Another disadvantage of having grass that is too tall is that it will become a refuge for pests that affect the other plants in the garden.

2. A Tall Grass Will Impede Its growth and Development 

Sunlight is needed for grass growth and development in all lawn crops. That is why if the height of the grass becomes very high, the weed will provide more shade to the ground. Preventing it from growing in a healthy way.

On the other hand, if the grass concentrates too much! Then humidity, diseases, fungi, pests, and other consequences will appear that will damage such an important crop in the decoration of homes, hotels, and squares.

when to mow the lawn

*With What Tools To Mow The Lawn

The use of the gardening tools indicated is always decisive to achieve a good cut and maintenance of the lawn. When we speak of tools we are referring precisely to machines such as lawnmowers and brush cutters.

If you have an electric lawnmower or gasoline, follow this formula to always get the best results:

  • Plan the cutting route, that is, the areas through which you are going to pass.
  • Avoid sharp turns, whenever possible.
  • Cut the grass in concentric circles, from the outside in.
  • Try to vary the driving direction to prevent repeating the cutting pattern.

If you take into account the above tips, you will make the grass look better and achieve optimal maintenance of your garden or green space.

In the case of using a weed trimmer or edger, you must regulate the cut to a specific height. Thus avoiding causing damage to the lawn in case you cut it too much. In complex areas, we recommend that you cut around obstacles first.

*The 3 Types Of Lawnmowers

1. Lawn Mowers / Garden Trimmers

A lawnmower, trimmer, or robotic lawnmower is one of the main tools that any garden owner should have. This garden tool is commonly used to mow lawns from home gardens to large sports fields. In order to achieve a green surface of the same height throughout the land.

2. Brushcutters / Edgers / Motor trimmers

A grass trimmer also called an edger or scythe, is used to cut weeds, brush, small trees, and other foliage to which can not be accessed one cutting grass or rotary mower. These are the best option to cut the grass in specific and difficult areas of your garden. They can help you cut, for example, the areas around the trees or the edges of the land.

3. Mini Garden Tractors

The so-called mini garden tractor, also known as a garden tractor. They are small 3 or 4 wheel vehicles that are designed for home gardens or small green areas. The most common use for these tractors is for lawn mowing, snow removal, and small-scale farming. However, they should not be confused with mountable lawn mowers, since they have a different system with the engine, the latter having a rear engine or one in the middle.

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