What Is The Best Month To Plant Roses? Tips For Rose Gardener

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Rose bushed is one of the most classic plants in gardening. It is one of the plants that can not be missing in any garden. Its colors and its intense aroma give vitality to any exterior. In addition, they are plants that do not need much care and are quite resistant if a series of recommendations are followed.

Adequate watering and light, good drainage, and knowing how and when to prune are some of the basic needs of this much-appreciated plant. In case if the rose bush needs to be transplanted for any reason it is also necessary to know when is the best time. I mean you should know that is the best month to plant roses. 

What is the best month to plant roses?

Rose Plantation: Types Of Rose Bushes

When you go to buy a rose bush you can find three different forms of presentation

  1. Bare root rosebush
  2. Rosebush in the root ball
  3. Rosebush in pot
rose gardening

Bare Root Rose Bushes

They are rose bushes that are sold bare-rooted, without any soil. Rose growers extract the bushes from the ground and clean them, leaving the roots more vigorous and important. It is a format that can only be offered in winter when the plant is in vegetative rest since at another time the rose bush would die. At the time of purchase, choose a rose bush with healthy, firm roots, and that is at least 20 cm long. Also, observe the stems, there should be a minimum of three per plant and they should be green and strong. The best time to plant them is from October until the end of March for those rosebushes with bare roots in the root ball. In the case that they are going to be planted in a pot, it can be done throughout the year, avoiding the time of maximum flowering or frost.

Rose Bushes In Root Ball

Like the previous ones, root ball roses are cold in winter, but they usually appear in nurseries and garden centers closer to spring. They are sold with the roots in a mesh or a small bag that holds a certain amount of soil attached to the roots. The stems are pruned and a good specimen should have at least three branches. rose garden

Potted Rose Bushes

Potted rose bushes are sold year-round and can be planted in any season. They are shrubs that have roots developed within the container in which you buy them, which makes it easier for the plant to take root and make it look pretty from the moment you plant it. Don’t expect to find rose bushes in pots full of flowers, at least not all of them. With the exception of “mini” and “patio” rose bushes, rose bushes need deep soils to fully develop and fill with flowers. When you remove it from the pot to put it in its final place, loosen the soil and loosen the root ball a bit to facilitate the growth of new roots. I hope that these simple concepts help you to know, what is the best month to plant roses distinguish the types of rose bushes that you can find for planting, and help you when choosing the best option for your garden. That’s all about this article. For more info about gardening, you can read our other articles from the flower gardening category. Stay blessed.

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