An Informative Guide About Different Types Of Mower Blades

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There are many types of mower blades available. Generally speaking, lawn mowers come in two styles. The reel; characterized by its venerable unpowered push mower and on the deck, or rotary. Which describes most of today’s powered, walk-behind machines. Deciding between blade designs is simple.

Some brands of Deck Mowers accept various types with slight differences in performance and function. Still, cutter blades from different companies will not fit all types of machines even if the deck measurements are the same. Options for older machines may be limited. In this article, we will talk about different types of mower blades.

Types Of Mower Blades

Cylinder Blades

Still appropriate for small terrains, the push-drive mower wheels, a rotating blade cage against a cutter bar. With a fast scissoring action as owners/operators provide the driving force. Sharp blades make a noticeable difference in ease of operation. The single blade option is the one that fits, so replacing the mower might be as reasonable as replacing the blades.

Cover sheets Blades

Deck cutter with many variations of the same basic blade. A horizontally mounted flat steel bar that rotates like a fan blade and cuts with the edges of both leaders. Shape and Fitting The disc hub could only be a model shape of a company’s mower. Universal mounting sheets will not fit all machines. Your best source for replacement blades or alternative blade designs is the company that made the mower.

Raising Blades

The rotary mower passes through your lawn, the deck presses down on the blades of grass. Air pressure from the cutting blades can keep the grass down, resulting in an uneven cut. In thick grass, tufts and rows of partially cut grass often lift behind the mower. With an elevation of the blade, a section of the trailing edge of the blade lights up toward the deck. The draft generated by this blade shape pulls grass up towards the cutting deck. And improves the quality of the cut. Blades are available in low-lift and high-lift designs for some machines.

Mulching Blades

A healthy posture of mowing grass creates a lot of clippings. Left in tufts in the yard, clippings can smother and kill small patches of grass. To reduce this problem, mulch blades use high-lift designs with added features like notched edges or notched-lift rake. Due to this action an extra sheet, cuttings rotate under the cover for a longer time. The mower chops into a fine mulch that disappears between grass stalks and fertilizes the lawn.


While the high elevation and mulching sheets are an improvement over simple sheet designs, don’t expect perfect results. Mulching heavy or damp grass often clogs a cutter with clippings, jamming, or machine shutdown. Cutting several inches of grass will not yield a neat, finely mulched lawn in one pass. Adjusting the mower height downward by an inch or two per step gives the best results. Dull blades exaggerate all problems.

So here are the details about different types of mower blades. Hope this article will help you with all this information. Have a good day.

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