Succulent Care For Beginners, Proper Guide To Take Care Of Succulent

The succulent plants are recognizable by their stems and fleshy leaves in which they store their water reserves and nutrient juices called elements. This characteristic allows them to resist drought and allows them to adapt to extreme conditions. If you are new to gardening, & don’t know how to care for a succulent! So, here we are giving you the proper details about Succulent Care For Beginners.

Succulent Care For Beginners

When growing succulent, always keep in mind that they come from arid regions of the world. Where the rains are rare but abundant.

It may not rain for months before torrential rains for very short periods. Because of these climatic conditions, succulents store water when there is some to do without when there is not. Now I’m gonna tell you about Succulent Care For Beginners. Take a note!

Succulent care

The Light (Most-Mandatory Succulent Care For Beginners)

Native to most of South Africa and South America, succulents need lots of light all year round. Feel free to place your succulents on a south-facing window sill.

In summer, shift the pot to avoid leaf scorch. Do not hesitate to take your plants out to the garden if possible. This will be very beneficial to them, your plants will thus fill up with energy. Rainwater will wash away the leaves and the atmosphere is always much better outside.

Take care all the same that the interior/exterior transition, and vice versa, is not too brutal, (as we fear sunburn …) and place them at the start in partial shade, then gradually in situations sunny. Bring them in at the end of September, before the first winter frosts.
Be careful, a single night of frost can be the only one and the last !!!



In a heated interior or in a living room, do bathing once a month all year round. Outside, the rainwater will suffice.
In an unheated veranda or in a frost-free greenhouse, apply the drench once a month during the summer, and reduce to one or two waterings throughout the winter period.

“Better a lack than an excess of water”


Succulents withstand the temperatures of our interiors all year round. However, spending the winter in a cool room (between 2 ° C and 15 ° C) gives them a period of essential vegetative rest.

Able for flowering in spring or summer.


Succulents grow slowly and adapt to their containers. Depending on the plants or according to your desires, you can keep them cramped in the same pot for years, or repot them regularly to let them develop.

The substrate must imperatively be well-draining and the pot pierced. It is possible to make your mixture yourself by following these proportions: 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 geranium soil, 1/3 river sand, or aquarium sand (or 2/3 geranium soil, 1/3 sand river, or aquarium sand ).

Succulents are adapted to arid situations, so it is not necessary to add fertilizer.

Succulents are conciliatory plants and the few rules described above are the main rules that will allow you to cultivate them while ensuring their good health.


Be patient and watch them grow, it is by observing them that you will learn to know them and guess their needs. Succulents come from such extreme environments that nature has developed a multitude of strategies for them to survive. Take advantage of their countless shapes, colors, and foliage, let yourself be delighted by their originalities.

So, here is all about Succulent Care For Beginners. Following these tips you can get a good result! for more info about gardening, you can visit our Gardening Tips category. Happy Gardening.

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