Various Questions & Answers About Robotic Lawnmowers

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Let’s look at several basic questions and answers. It will help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of robotic lawnmowers. Mowing the lawn is a job that is usually done on weekends. How do you eliminate it from your life forever? That is easy! Use a robotic lawnmower.

You may have seen it on your neighbor’s lawn. But you haven’t dared to think about it yet. What do you need to know before buying it? Home automation experts answer the most common questions.

Questions and Answers About The Robotic Lawnmowers

Can Older People Handle These Kind Of Mower?

The robotic lawnmower is extremely easy to use. Programming is intuitive and, once set up, the machine does it all on its own. Detaching itself from the charging base to mow when needed.

Is It Dangerous For Children? Can They Accidentally Start It?

There is no immediate danger to children. Safety is dictated by the distance of the blades from the casing and the lift sensors that stop the blades in less than 1 second. Also, if you don’t have the security PIN (which many come with), you can’t operate the machine. But, like all the tools and gadgets we use every day, it is best kept out of reach.

What About Having a pet? Can Robotic lawnmowers Hurt It?

The robotic lawnmower can easily live with our pets. Being equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, it perceives them as an obstacle and changes its path. In addition, the short ground clearance reduces the risk of animals coming into contact with the blades.

Many people fear that dogs can attack these objects. They are actually much more intelligent than we think. After a few hours of “living together,” they realize that they are not animated beings and ignore them.

Safety is guaranteed even for the most mischievous animals, in many models. Even if they press the power button, the robot does not start. It is necessary to insert a safety pin to operate it outside of the scheduled hours.

Can It Harm Automatic Irrigation?

To avoid any inconvenience, it is necessary to schedule the mowing of the lawn when the irrigation is turned off. This limitation is actually much less troublesome than you might think. Irrigation can work at night at times most suitable for vegetation and robots during the day.

Do Robotic Lawnmowers Also Work Uphill?

Among the characteristic elements of the best automatic lawnmowers robots, which boast a higher quality (and I must say, also higher price) is their strength to overcome slopes of up to 35%. So if you buy a robot with this feature, it won’t be a problem.

Questions & Answers About Robotic Lawnmowers

And If There Are Two Grassy Areas Separated By a Path, How Do I Do It With Robotic Lawnmowers?

If there are no tall edges that could be an obstacle for the robot, no problem. At the time of installation, care will be taken to ensure that both parts of the lawn are included on the map. The most advanced robots have the possibility of programming up to four work zones.

Can Flowers, Pots, and Shrubs Be A Problem?

Not at all. During the installation of the robot, they will be duly signaled. If the pots are then moved, the robot will recognize the obstacle and avoid it.

I Have Two Houses. Can I Move It From One Garden To Another?

Yes, but keep in mind that you need two charging stations. And don’t forget that if the robot works on one side, the grass will continue to grow on the other. The convenience of these robots is based precisely on the fact that they can cut the lawn even without us, always keeping it beautiful and green. That said, however, we can say with certainty that a robot can work on different circuits. Obviously not simultaneously.

Do I Have To Collect The Grass?

No. The peculiarity of a robotic lawnmower is that it mows the lawn several times during the week. In this way, the grass grows little and the cut part stays in the grass, allowing us to save water because it retains the soil moisture. And saving us fertilizer because it becomes a nutrient for the lawn itself.

Do Robotic Lawnmowers Work On Tall Grass?

Yes, with heights of up to 20-25 cm the robotic lawnmowers continue to work. But that won’t be a problem once installed!

How Much Does It Weigh?

That will depend on each model in question. Near about 10 kg- 15 kg.

Should I buy a Robotic Mower And Run It Like A Vacuum Cleaner?

Before putting it into operation, the installation must be done to outline the cutting areas, something like creating a map. So that the robot knows where to move. It is not a very complex operation. And then we need to program the robot according to our needs, programming, for example, the cutoff frequency.

I Am A Very Light sleeper. Will It Wake Me Up? Is it very noisy?

It depends on each model. But among those we deal with today, the noise level is extremely low: 57dB well below the nuisance threshold. It is equivalent to the noise generated by a conversation in a normal voice. It’s hard to hear his work even on the quietest nights.

What Does The Installation Consist Of Robotic LawnMowers?

In general, one of the technicians in charge of the store where you purchased it goes to the house. And, based on the indications received and the needs, delimits the cutting areas! Those are the areas where the robot will operate, with a cable perimeter that will remain buried. It then positions the charging base to which the robot will return when the job is done or when the batteries need to be recharged. Cable laying is usually non-invasive as the underground machine leaves no residual marks after installation.

Does It Work Even When It Rains Or Does Robotic Lawnmowers Have Sensors?

Most robots are equipped with rain sensors and the most advanced ones can operate even in the rain. The only drawback will be the cut grass that, being wet, will stick to the machine forcing us to clean it.

What About Maintenance? How Long Do The Batteries Last?

Robotic lawnmowers don’t need a lot of maintenance. Easily replaceable blades last about a season. The battery can serve up to four seasons. Considering the savings in time, water and fertilizers, compared to a lawnmower with an internal combustion engine, a robot pays for itself in a couple of years.

And so far our FAQ about robotic lawnmowers, I hope these questions and answers help you to be more clear if these technologies are suitable for you and your garden.

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