Lucky Bamboo, The Lucky Plant- Care Tips & Advice.

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Lucky bamboo, really has nothing to do with bamboo, but it gets its name from the shape of the stem; a straight rod that can measure between 10 cm and a meter, with some knots, from where the shoots come out and some internodes where the roots grow.

Many times it has at the top what is called “the corkscrew”, which is a small stem that forms a spiral. Its scientific name is Dracaena senderiana and it belongs to the Agavaceae family. The same one to which the Brazilian trunk and the Madagascar dracaena belong.

Lucky Bamboo

It is believed that it comes from Africa, but its cultivation is more widespread in the East. In China, it is given as a gift during the New Year, to attract good luck, and when you buy a house or start a business. It is easy to grow indoors since it requires little care and resists spaces with little light, making it perfect for bathrooms.

What must be taken into account when buying a good luck bamboo?

A specimen will be healthy if it has a green trunk, without yellowing anywhere, the light roots and the shoots that have just emerged, green and shiny. Always choose the one with the most sprouts.

Can they be grown in a pot with soil?

Yes, like any other species of dracaena. Of course, always choose special enriched soil for indoor plants and water without delay when you see that the substrate remains dry; try to prick with a knitting needle and you will realize.

Can you make it grow faster?

The most suitable conditions for it to grow well are a warm temperature and indirect light.

Care For Lucky Bamboo


  • Light: The best thing is that we put it in a place where there is intense light but without direct sunlight, otherwise it would burn. Bamboo grows in both light and shade.
  • Temperature: The ideal temperature is between 18º C and 24º C. Although it holds up well between 10º and 30º.
  • Irrigation: If it is in a container with water, it must be changed once a week in winter and every two weeks in summer. Twice a week, steam the foliage, it will also help us to remove the dust. If it is planted in the ground, water when you see that the substrate remains dry. In both cases, it is advisable to let the water rest beforehand so that it loses its chlorine.
  • Fertilizer: Once a month we will add a few drops of fertilizer to the water.

Very Original Planter

To make this center, you only need dried bamboo stalks, a container, a base, some silicone, wire, garden foam, and in this case, a pretty bouquet of tulips.

  • Cut the stems the same and open them, with a sharp knife, in the center: two half bamboos.
  • Join the half trunks with the wire, at three points, above, in the center, and below. It will be easier if you use an awl to make the holes through which to pass the wire; join the ends.
  • For the planter, put a little glue or silicone on the end of each stem and glue it to the base.
  • When it is dry, put the chosen container and put the gardening foam inside. Dampen it and stick the flowers into it, starting from the center.

Most Common Problems

Most Common Problems

Being a resistant plant we will not encounter many problems if we take proper care of them & if we are careful not to go overboard with water and direct sun. The most frequent are:

  • Mealybugs. We will remove them without problems with alcohol.
  • Brown and yellow spots on the leaves. The cause is fungi, so in addition to using a special fungicide, stop spraying with water.

A Decorative Center For Lucky Bamboo

What container is the most suitable to place it?

If you want to show off the lucky bamboo, it will be beautiful in a glass vase with colored pebbles in the background. These will grip the roots and give the plant more stability. You have to put very little water, just so that it covers the roots well.

A Decorative Center For Lucky Bamboo

Here is all about Lucky Bamboo. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting below. Happy Gardening.

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