How To Tell If A Cactus Needs Water, The Symptoms & Solutions.

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It sounds a bit strange to say that a cactus is suffering from a lack of water, right? So how will you know? & How To Tell If A Cactus Needs Water? Part of the responsibility for this is the large garden centers as well as popular beliefs, who have told us over and over again that these plants resist drought very well.

The reality is very different: if a plant does not receive water regularly, it dies. In fact, it is very important to know what are the symptoms of a lack of water in cacti to avoid losing them.

How To Tell If A Cactus Needs Water

What are the symptoms?

When a plant with leaves is going thirsty we notice it right away: the tips turn brown quickly, the appearance becomes sad, growth stops… But, what about cacti? How do know if my cactus is suffering from a lack of water?

For that, we have to talk a bit about “cacti anatomy” and how they manage to survive. These plant beings do not have leaves, but if you look closely, almost all have their green bodies. This pigmentation is due to chlorophyll, a substance thanks to which they can photosynthesize and grow.

But also, that body or stem is fleshy: inside there is a large amount of liquid … water. In times of drought, they survive thanks to these water reserves. The problem is that if it goes a long time without rain (or without watering) these reserves will be depleted.

If this happens, we will see that the cacti become almost “skeletal”, very wrinkled. As if someone or something had “absorbed” all the water they had inside.


How to Get Them Back?

  • To recover dried cacti, drastic measures must be taken: take the pots and put them in a basin of water for half an hour. This will serve to rehydrate the substrate, which will help the plants to recover. But this is not all there is to it.
  • If we do not want it to be repeated, we must control the watering, or in other words: water them every time they need it. We must end the myth that these plants resist drought, it is not true. A 7-meter saguaro will have thousands of liters of water inside, but that water must have been absorbed from somewhere, otherwise, it could not live.
  • During the summer it will be necessary to water frequently: 2-3 times a week. While the rest of the year it will be enough to water every 7 or 10 days (or every 20, depending on the species and its needs). This way we will avoid causing problems for them.

To finish, I would like you to stay with this: the bigger the cactus, the more water it will have inside and the better it will be able to withstand the lack of rain. The smaller it is, the more likely it is to die dry if it is not watered.

Here is all about How To Tell If A Cactus Needs Water. to know more about Cacti, you can visit our Cactus category. Stay blessed.

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