How to Take care of Indoor Plants Top 13 Perfect Tips

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The indoor plants help us to give our home a touch of color and vitality. But they are much more than that: they allow us to bring the different rooms of our house closer to nature, they transmit tranquility, a feeling of peace and harmony that we could not achieve with any other element. But for all this to be a reality, we must take care of them with care and dedication, even when we have no idea. That is why we give you tips on how to take care of Indoor Plants that you can follow “together” so that they remain full of life like the first day.

How to take care of Indoor Plants

There are many plants that allow us to enjoy a piece of nature in our home, regardless of its size. And it is that today we can find many species that, due to their own characteristics, are perfectly adapted to living in pots throughout their lives.

But to have them perfect it is necessary to know which are the most suitable growing conditions for them. Therefore, I am going to explain to you how to care for indoor plants.

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1. Choose Your Indoor Plant

There is a plant for each person. That is if you want to have plants at home and you are not an expert, do not start the house with the roof. Choose a plant whose care is simple and easy and does not require too much effort. Find out which indoor plant is the best for you.

2. Find The Ideal Pot For Your Plant

The pot would become the house of your plant so it should provide everything it needs. For example, when choosing a pot, among other things, you should take the size into account. Some plants require a lot of space to develop at their best, while others require practically no soil.

3. Place them in a bright place in the house

To care for indoor plants, you should put them near the window or on a balcony. Otherwise, you will see how they lengthen trying to find the light to photosynthesize. When taking care of shade plants, remember that they also need to receive light even if it is not direct sun.

Plants without light are sad plants, take good care of them with a little sun!

4. Take The Temperature Into Account

Indoor plants do not suffer as much from inclement weather but they also have to deal with some sudden changes in temperature or drafts. Radiators or air conditioning are mainly the cause of these “climatic differences”. And although indoor plants are usually comfortable within 15º C and 25 ºC, they are not fond of very pronounced changes.

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5. Substrate

It will depend on the plant, but it must have good drainage. A good mix is ​​a black peat and 50% perlite, adding the first layer of volcanic clay inside the pot. But if it is orchids you have to use pine bark, and if they are carnivorous you should use blond peat mixed with perlite in equal parts.

6. Don’t water them every day

Indoor plants live in the shade or medium shade, so they don’t dehydrate as much as outdoor plants and they tolerate summer quite well! So how should we care for indoor plants? Checking the humidity of the growing medium will give you a better idea of ​​how often to water the plants. So put your fingers in the dirt and check if it is dry or not. They may need water every two or three days, but not every day.

7. Use Fertilizer

During spring and summer, the plants must be fertilized with specific fertilizers for indoor plants or with liquid organic fertilizers, such as guano. For orchids, use a fertilizer prepared specifically for these plants.

8. Do not add water to the leaves

This does not mean that you do not clean them, but we advise you to be careful not to leave them wet. Moisture on the leaves can create fungus and make your plant sick.

9. Respect Their Risks

Each plant has certain characteristics and not all of them need the same care. In the same way, it happens with the risks. Some, with a little water, work almost autonomously while others need water more frequently. However, as a general rule, indoor plants, having them indoors, need less frequent watering. Remember that the optimal thing is that the soil of the plant is always somewhat humid (not wet). If you live in a place with a dry climate, water your plants with a humidifier to provide more humidity.

10. Do not leave them in areas that are too windy

Some plants do not withstand strong winds. If you place them in spaces where there is a lot of wind, their leaves could dehydrate and the structure of the plant will weaken. Be careful!

11. Pruning Timely

To avoid problems, we must remove the flowers and withered leaves.

12. Change the pot if it is already big

If your actions to care for plants have been successful, they will grow strong and healthy! At that time, it is advisable to transfer the plant to a larger pot. Otherwise, the overgrown roots may end up suffocating inside the little pot.

13. Cleaning

The leaves must be cleaned from time to time -except if they are succulent and/or carnivorous plants, which will be better to brush them with a small brush- with a cloth moistened with water (distilled or rain), or with milk.

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How to Take care of Indoor Plants in winter

In winter, many plants need to go into vegetative rest to be able to rest and return to growth and flowering activity in the warm months. Normally, it is necessary to avoid putting them near heaters, radiators, or air conditioners and to reduce watering and fertilizer intake considerably. In this way, you will allow your indoor plants to enter the state of vegetative rest they need. However, make sure the species of the plant you have needs it before you start reducing these aspects of its care.

How to Take care of Indoor Plants in summer

In summer, unlike in cold months, the needs of indoor plants for water and nutrients multiply. Make sure that its leaves do not turn yellow due to dryness or an excess of sun and add organic matter or fertilizer to the substrate or in the watering. If you are going to leave for a few days, consider getting self-watering pots or preparing capillary irrigation for your pots.

And here are the secrets of the influencers to have the most beautiful indoor plants. With these tips, we hope your indoor plants can grow strong and healthy. Read more articles like How to Take care of Indoor Plants just visit our indoor gardening category.

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