How to Start a Flower Garden For beginners & Take Care Of It

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There is nothing more beautiful than a flower garden outside the house. Almost everyone dreams of starting a flower garden. & for this, you should know How to Start a Flower Garden. It is difficult to fulfill all your wishes and Expectations at once. So, at least in the beginning limit yourself. It will be some time before you can create your own private garden.

How to Start a Flower Garden

A view like that comforts brightens the environment of the home. And also our life by being in contact with nature. Also, gardening has become a hobby to alleviate stress, and combining both aspects, having a flower garden in the yard is a very interesting idea.

In this sense, today we bring you some tips on how to start a flower garden outdoors. Following the tips, you can see how simple it is to have a color space at home and how interesting and entertaining it becomes.

Location to start a flower garden-

The ideal time to start a flower garden is late spring and early summer. At this time you should select a location where the sun gives at least six hours directly. Which will make the flowers grow and another good amount of time with shade so that the sun does not dry them.

location How to Start a Flower Garden

Many believe that flower beds should go against a wall or fence without thinking about the light conditions that the site will have. And that is why it is very important to be aware that this aspect is of the utmost importance.

Soil Preparation To Start A Flower Garden –

After selecting the place, the soil must be prepared. For this, we must remove the grass and weeds. And then determine what type of soil is that of our garden. This determination is important to later prepare the compost.

soil preparation  to Start a Flower Garden

The organic matter helps to generate more fertile soil and this must-have. If the soil is sandy, enough water to help the growth of the plant, while in case the soil is clayey! It is important to mix the matter with sand to improve drainage.

Select Plants-

When the soil is ready, you can start choosing the plants. Flowering plants usually require special care, so we must consult professionals about which are the most suitable for our environment and especially for our availability to take care of them.


We must also take into account the climate. And try to combine perennials with deciduous plants. Or also plants with different flowering times in order to have a garden that surprises us with changes throughout the year.

Plant the flowers-

Planting is one of the most important stages. Because the subsequent success of the garden and the good growth of the plant depends on the dedication and attention we pay to this process. To do this, you have to remove the flowers from the container next to the earth that accompanies them and then place this set in the hole dug.

plant the flowers

It is important not to detach the plant from the first soil that accompanies it since it has generated its first roots there and these are fragile. It is also important not to dig too deep to place the plant since we do not know what the true drainage conditions of the soil are and the water could not reach if the roots are placed too low.

Water –

After planting, proper watering is important as it will help the plant develop a strong root system. It is important that we know what water needs each of the species in our garden. And it has to be able to accompany their growth in the best way.

In this sense, it is a good idea to group the plants according to their needs in order to carry out the gardening in a simpler way.


In the first week, watering should be done every day. In the second week, it should be every other day. After that, once a week is the correct frequency to feed the garden.

Aftercare tips –

After the flower garden is installed, it must be given proper attention. Control weeds, water, remove dead flowers. And encourage the presence of insects knowing how to attract butterflies to our garden or hummingbirds. As both are good at promoting pollination and having an attractive space to look at.


It is also important to have the basic tools for garden maintenance.

So, this is How to Start a Flower Garden. Following these tips will surely make it easy to install a space like this. And have a panorama outside the home of which to be proud and which to enjoy at all times through the senses. To know more, you can read our Flower Gardening articles. Have a Good Day!

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