How To Start A Cactus Garden By Following Just 7 Steps!

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Cactus, commonly known as cacti, is a family of succulent and thorny plants. They are one of the most demanded plants to decorate small spaces, and not so small ones! We encourage you to create your own cactus garden. It is a garden that takes more work than it seems, but we have been excited to share with you the process of How To Start A Cactus Garden of your dreams. Full of beautiful cacti.

How To Start A Cactus Garden

Both indoors and outdoors, these plants are perfect for adding a touch of color and originality to any corner of your home. And not only that, but they also offer us great benefits.

  • They protect against the waves and radio frequencies of electronic devices. Such as those of our mobile phones or computers. Therefore, a small cactus garden will reduce our exposure to these waves.
  • They improve concentration. Since they generate a feeling of well-being and reduce stress. For this reason, it is common to see them in work offices or desk tables.
  • They help you to be successful. According to the art of Feng Shui, these types of plants help protect the home from bad energy and promote success. Curious right?
  • They purify the air like most plants, thanks to the absorption of carbon dioxide found in the air.

Not everything ends here, cacti are so special that they adapt easily to different climates and also need very little care! So, let’s know about How To Start A Cactus Garden!

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1- Drainage installation.

To have healthy and beautiful cacti, it is very important that they have a well-drained substrate. And that it never floods. It should retain some moisture but never be soggy after watering or rain. It is very important to dry as soon as possible but give the roots time to absorb the water they need.

2-Protections To Start a Cactus Garden.

Sometimes it is convenient to integrate protection elements in the garden design against the prevailing winds that come very cold. Or pergolas that protect from possible hailstorms. The pergolas can be installed without a roof. And only a fence or plastic will be placed during the winter to protect the cacti from frost, hail, and snow.

Another element of protection can be a simple wall as high as two meters at the most that turns its back on the prevailing wind. And helps to accumulate heat and sunlight to create a microclimate for the cacti in the garden. It is very simple and works very well.

3-Selection of species suitable for the garden.

Depending on the climate we will choose some species of cactus or others. For climates with very cold winters and with minimum temperatures of up to -10ºC, there are cacti from mountainous areas and deserts with very abrupt temperature changes that will adapt very well.

For temperate climates, practically all cacti can fit in and for very hot climates the most resistant to insolation and drought are ideal.

4-Create a composition.

Making several sketches with the layout of the garden and the layout of the cacti is important to achieve the best result. Following a pattern, being very clear about the aesthetics of the set. And the style of the garden is key so that the cacti shine. And are in the best possible location for their best development.

5-Decoration For The Cactus Garden.

Adding rocks, sculptures, art pieces and pops of color are what adds the finishing touch to the garden. Grouping them in odd numbers and mixing them among the cacti never fails. It is a step that must be done before planting. So we get the cacti to fit in a more natural environment.


Planting the cacti in their corresponding places, at the right depth, and helping them with external supports. Until they have rooted is key for them to root and develop at their best. With our cactus garden design and installation service, we assure you that this process is executed to perfection.

7-Place a padding.

Covering the soil with aggregates of volcanic stone, gravel, and other stone materials makes the cacti look much better. Reduces the appearance of weeds and helps prevent erosion and maintain adequate humidity and temperature for root development.

So, this is How To Start A Cactus Garden. Isn’t it so simple! If you are going to start gardening, Gardening Tips might help you. Stay blessed dear.

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