How to Sow Seeds Indoors, Proper Guide For Beginners.

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Would you like to see a plant grow? I am not surprised! Being able to witness the first steps that this new life takes is an experience that no one should miss. Although normally I would advise you to sow the seeds outside, during winters especially if frosts occur this is not possible. So How to Sow Seeds Indoors successfully? Let’s know about it.

How To Sow Seeds Indoors

If you want to get new plants in an easy and simple way, this time we are going to teach you how to sow seeds indoors. It will help you to sow seeds easily. Let’s get started.

What Do I Need To Sow Seed At Home?

How to Sow Seeds Indoors

Once we are ready to sow our seeds, it is important that first of all, we prepare everything that we are going to need, which is:

  1. Seedbed: glasses of yogurt, milk containers, flowerpots, transparent plastic bags with hermetic closure, peat tablets, …
  2. Watering can: with water.
  3. Substrate: it will depend on the type of plant it is. We can use substrate for seedlings that are already sold ready for use in nurseries, vermiculite, or universal substrate.
  4. Fungicide: it can be chemical spray or natural such as copper or sulfur.
  5. Seeds:  the fresher the better. That is, if we can take them from the same plant, we will have a greater probability of success than if we buy them online.
  6. Heat source: it can be the router if we have it on all day, an electric germinator, or whatever comes to mind.

How To Sow Them?

To sow the seeds you just have to do the following:

Prepare the seedbed

We have to fill it with the appropriate substrate:

  • Trees and shrubs: vermiculite or substrate for seedlings.
  • Cactus and succulents : vermiculite.
  • Palm trees: vermiculite.
  • Horticultural plants: a substrate for seedlings.
  • Flowering or seasonal plants: universal substrate.

Important: if we choose to use containers of edible products we have to clean them thoroughly with water and a little soap, and then remove all the foam. To be really useful, we also have to make one or two holes in the base for drainage.

Palm tree seeds can be sown in transparent plastic bags, since having a fairly strong first root, there is no risk of it breaking.

How To Sow Them

Place the seeds

The next step is to place the seeds in the seedbed, on the surface of the substrate. With the exception of palm tree seedlings, it is convenient not to put many in the same container. To have more or less an idea of ​​how many fit, you have to know that you should not put more than 3 in a pot of 10.5 cm in diameter.

Treat them with fungicide and cover them with a substrate

Now is the time to treat the seeds with fungicide. This is especially important for trees and shrubs, as they are often more vulnerable to fungal attacks. Then we cover them with more substrate.

Water and put the seedbed near the heat source

The last step is to water and place the seedbed near a heat source that allows it to enjoy a more or less stable temperature and, above all, pleasant (15ºC or more).

To avoid future problems, it is necessary to place the seedbed in a very bright room (natural light).

So, here is all about How to Sow Seeds Indoors. After sowing you must have to take care of the indoor plants. Otherwise, they will die. Feel free to ask any questions by commenting here. Happy gardening.

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