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Today’s article is about How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter. With the arrival of winter, the plants are in a dormant state until spring, but this does not mean that they do not need good maintenance. We must take advantage of this moment to get the most out of the garden and carry out the care it needs for the new season.

The biggest enemy of this season is the weather. The cold is here to stay and will cause frosts that will force us to protect our plants to guarantee their survival in the following seasons.

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

To prepare your lawn for winter, please follow the steps written below-


The best thing for the lawn is not to cut it, if you do it should be once a month and if it is dry. In general, try to leave a high cutting height, about 4 cm, to protect the roots from frost.

Do not forget to remove the fallen and wet leaves because, as we told in the post How to prepare the garden for autumn, they are an ideal source for fungi. Clear the leaves regularly to prevent moss from forming, and use the leaves to compost for later use.

The rain will be enough irrigation for our lawn, but if it does not rain you can water once or twice a week in the central hours of the day. It is time to regulate irrigation systems to minimize them.

Do not forget to protect the soil and plants from frost, for this you can use plant materials to make a mulch.

It is convenient to aerate the lawn, with the help of a scarifier or a rake, in this way we will promote its oxygenation and therefore its growth.

Take the opportunity to fertilize and thus improve the quality of the soil for flowering in spring. It is time to fertilize and provide the soil with nutrients to make the lawn recover quickly and stay healthy and strong.


There are plants especially vulnerable to this winter climate, detect which ones are sensitive to frost and protect them. Potted plants are more at risk than those in the ground because their roots are more likely to freeze. In that case, you should put them indoors or cover and protect them.

Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

You have to be especially careful with pruning during this time. Always pay attention to your plants and trees, learn their needs. And know whether or not they should be pruned during this period, as it will be harmful or beneficial depending on the species.

We also remind you that the beginning of winter is a good time to plant bulbs and to be able to enjoy them with spring splendor.


Preparing the pond for cold climates is very important. Water gardens should also be prepared for winter weather. It is necessary to keep the water moving to avoid freezing and to ensure that it has adequate depth to protect the fish that inhabit it.


Winter is a good time to rethink the operation of the garden and carry out renovations.

Due to the climatic conditions, the garden has less use and enjoyment than at other times of the year, for that reason, making reforms in the garden will be less annoying than at other times of the year.


At this time of year, lighting is the main protagonist, with good lighting the gardens are incorporated into the interior of the house, prolonging a pleasant and welcoming look.

If your garden does not have good lighting, this is the ideal time to start it up, think about the points and perspectives that you want to highlight, and enjoy to the fullest everything your garden offers you.

So, here is all about How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter. Hope this article will help you to prepare your lawn for next winter. Have a good day! 


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