How To Prepare The Soil For Cactus- By 2 Ingredients Only

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Spherical, snowshoes, with thorns or flowers … We love cacti for their varied shapes, sometimes surprising, and their pretty colors. It is the perfect plant for those who tend to forget about watering or who are often gone. So, let’s see How To Prepare The Soil For Cactus.

How To Prepare The Soil For Cactus-

Many cacti die because we do not use the correct soil or substrate. Cactus always need their own soil. Today I share with you How To Prepare The Soil For Cactus. This is so simple you know! You only need 2 ingredients.

Why Do Cacti Need Their Own Soil?

Cacti are so special and unique that they need their own land in order to live. The truth is that cacti look spectacular in cement or clay pots. However, when growing them you cannot use soil for general gardening, nor potting soil. Why? There are two reasons:

  • Cacti don’t need a lot of water to live.
  • Its root system is small and shallow.

Soil For Cactus

Both gardening and potting soil accumulate too much moisture. Also, cactus roots need textured soil to have a grip. Actually, Cactus is less demanding than succulents. What’s more! You only need two ingredients.

How to make cactus soil – just 2 ingredients

The method that I share with you today is only for cacti in pots and planters. If you are growing mini cacti at home, I recommend using any of the recipes shared in our article:

To make your cactus soil you only need:

  • Potting soil
  • Sand (can be construction or river)

Mix these two ingredients in equal parts and plant your cactus. I prefer river sand because it is thick and porous.

If you find good, well-draining soil, you can substitute it for potting soil.

Soil Ingredients

I always like to use some stone in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage, although scientists say it doesn’t work. Make sure the pot has drainage holes.

If you are going to plant your cactus straight into the ground, be sure not to do so where water collects. You can add some river sand to the hole, although it won’t help drainage too much. Of course, do not add construction sand. The salt will damage your other plants.

So, This is How To Prepare The Soil For Cactus. I hope this article will help you to make the soil for cactus. For more info about gardening, you can visit our Gardening Tips Category. & if you have any questions please let us know by commenting here. Happy Gardening.

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