When And How To Plant A Cactus, & Repot Them Successfully

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Cactus is the most demandable plant. Almost every plant lover wants to have this in his garden. Today in this article, we will know How To Plant A Cactus.

How To Plant A Cactus

Changing a potted cactus is necessary every two to three years to prevent it from wasting away. Indeed, a pot that is too narrow and an impoverished soil is not favorable to the blooming of cacti. Likewise, if conditions permit, you may want to plant your cactus in the ground. However, repotting or planting a cactus in the ground cannot be improvised. Here are our tips to plant a cactus successfully & when to do it.

What Land For A Cactus?

land for cacti

The quality of the soil is the other fundamental element for Cactaceae to thrive. Cactus needs a special mixture of soil. & it’s so easy to make. Click here to know about making the soil for cactus. & The land should be well-drained. Thus, a poor, sandy, and light soil will be perfect. Indeed, thanks to their ability to store juices in their leaves, these succulents are resistant to drought.

Conversely, it will be necessary to develop clay soils, retaining humidity. To do this, the creation of hillocks forming slopes will prove conducive to the cultivation of these succulents. Likewise, the establishment of good drainage of the pits before planting will promote the establishment of your cacti. The number 1 enemy of these plants is, in fact, humidity.

When To Plant A Cactus?

When To Plant

To limit the need for fertilizer inputs, repotting should be frequent. When to do them? Repotting or planting should preferably take place when the cactus is in vegetative rest. This corresponds to the end of winter. In addition, it is recommended not to water the plant a week before this operation.

How To Plant A Cactus In The Ground?

Planting cacti in the ground can be considered if the climate is favorable. Among the criteria to be considered, special attention must be paid to winter temperatures and the composition of the soil.

How To Plant

The Ideal Climatic Conditions To plant A Cactus

  • A hot, dry climate is ideal for planting cacti in a garden. These plants will therefore be particularly popular on the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Other regions will however be able to accommodate cacti in the ground as long as the climate remains mild in winter. Otherwise, care should be taken to select non-freezing specimens, cacti resistant to cold and negative temperatures. Opuntia and Echinopsis are therefore among those varieties that are not afraid of frost.
  • The chosen exposure is also important. It must be sunny and sheltered from the wind.

How To Repot A Cactus?

Whether you’ve just bought a cactus or just want to allow it to thrive, repotting a cactus is pretty easy if you follow the right method. Here are the steps to repot a cactus :

  • Choose a pot that is a few inches taller than the previous one. However, always favor a container that is wider than it is high. In addition, to avoid any stagnation of humidity, it is essential that it be pierced.
  • Once the pot has been selected, set up the drainage. Plug the hole in your container in order to allow the overflow of water to drain.

How To Repot

  • Then add special cacti soil or a well-draining mixture composed of 1/3 soil, 1/3 garden soil, and 1/3 draining materials (pozzolana, perlite, vermiculite, pumice stone, gravel).
  • When your pot is halfway full, deposit your cactus. To avoid biting yourself, wrap your plant in the newspaper. Then, gently extract it from its old pot.
  • Finally, place your cactus in its new container so as to leave the collar clear. Then, complete your pot with the necessary amount of potting soil.

Tips: After repotting, do not water for ten days so that the roots of your cactus get used to their new substrate. This will prevent them from rotting due to excess humidity. And choose a location with good light.

So, here is all about when & how to plant a cactus and repot them successfully. Once installed, the cacti form original exotic beds giving a unique character to a garden. Hope this article will help you to get your desired cactus in the garden. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Let us know by commenting below.

Happy Gardening.

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