How To Grow Tomato At Home & Enjoy All Its Benefits.

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If you want to eat a tomato in a healthy, ecological, and natural way; We give you some tips about How To Grow Tomato At Home.

How To Grow Tomato At Home

Tomato is one of the fruits that cannot be missing from a good eating plan since it contains essential vitamins and minerals for the body. But, did you know that growing tomato at home is one of the most ecological and healthy options to eat?

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In addition to enhancing the flavor of many dishes, it is easy to plant without the need for added pesticides or chemicals for growth. In fact, the homemade methods are 100% organic and guarantee very tasty food.

If you want to learn How To Grow Tomato At Home, we share some key points to achieve it. Take note!

How To Select The Tomato Seed?

The tomato seeds are found inside the fruit. To collect them, it is recommended to choose large, ripe tomatoes. Since some people believe that there is a 90% probability that future fruits will be of the same characteristics.

Once chosen, they should be put in a cool, dry place away from sunlight for three days. When the recommended time has passed, they are stored in an airtight bag until sowing.

How To Select The Tomato Seed

How To Prepare The Land To Grow Tomato?

According to the following article published by the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP), it is advisable to plant tomatoes in sandy soils. Since it develops more easily in fertile and drained soils.

The depth of the ground should not be less than 18 inches (45 cm), and it should be achieved that it acquires the appropriate physical conditions: smooth, drained, and ventilated. In addition, it is important to fertilize it with abundant organic matter.

Also, if you want to grow tomatoes, do it in a place where they can receive the sun at least 8 hours a day. However, remember that summer favors the appearance of pests in the garden, so be careful not to lose the harvest.

Sowing Mode And Some Specifications To Grow Tomato At Home

It is recommended to germinate the seeds in a small seedbed before transplanting the seedlings to a garden or large pot. Also, this procedure should be carried out when the small plants reach a height of 4 to 5 inches (10 or 12 cm).

Sowing Mode And Some Specifications
  • The transplant should be done in a hole about 6 inches wide by 4 inches (15 cm x 10 cm) deep.
  • Then a significant amount of compost is incorporated and the seedling is carefully introduced.
  • About 6 inches away from the plant, drive in a 5-foot-tall (1.5-meter) wooden stake to tie it down and provide support as it grows.
  • For faster growth, make rows of plants with distances of two feet (60 cm) and use the same measurement from one plant to another.

Also, always try to keep the area clean, without weeds, and with good control of fungi, bacteria, and other pests.

How To Water The Seed?

In the sowing stage, the seedbed should be kept in the sun and you should water it three to four times a day. Thus, the adequate absorption of water by the seeds and the high temperatures caused by the sun are what will promote germination.

  • When the plant has its first pair of leaves, specialists Dan Drost and Celina G. Wille advise watering it with 1-2 inches of water once or twice a week.
  • Once its third pair of leaves develop, watering is only done once a day.
  • During vegetative development and after transplanting, the plant is watered with plenty of water but only at its roots.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that moisture should never be lacking in the soil. But it should not be excessive either because it can deteriorate the product.

How To Water The Seed

Harvest Time

Although the time depends on the variety of tomatoes grown, the first harvest usually begins about 65 to 100 days after transplanting.

It is recommended to carry out the harvest when they are “pretty” ( neither green nor too mature) to avoid the plagues being ahead of the harvest.

Key Guidelines For Growing Tomatoes At Home

To get healthy, pesticide-free, organic tomatoes, keep the following factors in mind :

  1. Seed: extracted from an organic tomato.
  2. Soil: sand or clay, with drainage.
  3. Brightness: at least 6 hours of natural light a day.
  4. Climate: an optimum temperature of 20 ºC. It does not resist cold or support frost.
  5. Irrigation: it must be abundant after sowing.
Key Guidelines For Growing Tomatoes At Home

So, here is all about How To Grow Tomato At Home. Are you ready to grow tomatoes at home? Go ahead by following these recommendations and enjoy all its benefits. Make sure you take proper care of your tomatoes. Happy Gardening.

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