How to Grow Cosmos, Their Varieties & Taking Care Of Them

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The cosmos is appreciated for its tender and fresh colors, but you should also discover the varieties with orange flowers, very bright in the summer beds. Let’s Talk about How to Grow Cosmos, Their Varieties & Taking Care Of Them.

How to Grow Cosmos, Their Varieties & Taking Care Of Them-


  • Sowing: March to May
  • Flowering: July to October
  • Exposure: sun or light shade
  • Soil: ordinary, rather dry
  • Use: clump, border, planter, bouquet
  • Height: 0.40 to 1.20 m

Varieties Of Cosmos

Cosmos Bipinnatus

  1. 1 m. Stems erect, slender, and branched. Very cute and light foliage. Flowers pink, red or white, with yellow center, grouped by 3 or 4.
  2. ‘Candystripe’, 1.20 m, with single flowers of various colors, with petals bordered with carmine.
  3. Race Sonata, 30 cm, with flowers of various colors for cultivation in pots.
  4. Purity‘, 1 m, with pure white single flowers.
  5. Race Sensation, 1 m, with single flowers of various colors.
  6. Sea Shells‘, 1 m, with original flowers of various colors, with cornet petals.

Klondyke Cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus)

  • 1.20 m. Very light foliage. Orange-yellow or orange-red flowers.
  • Race Ladybird, 40 cm, with semi-double yellow, orange or scarlet flowers.


How to grow cosmos?

  • Sow in the ground. Directly in place at the end of April, in a climate like that of the Paris region. The lifting takes about two weeks. When the plants are a few inches tall, thin out to 25-30 cm for the flower varieties and 40-50 cm for the tall ones.
  • To obtain an early flowering, sow under a heated shelter in March, or under a frame in March-April.
  • Harden the plants by taking them out and transplanting them at the end of April.
  • Avoid ventilated exposures for tall varieties.

Enjoying Cosmos Flowers

The large cosmos are remarkable plants massive, installed vertically in the background. Or large group in the annual partnering with another summer, especially from India rose, with rudbeckia, to bawdy. The small varieties are charming on the border and in the planter.

All the cosmos are decorative in bouquets and hold for a long time in a vase.

What to do with the cosmos in winter?

Cosmos are annual flowers, although they sometimes resist brief frosts and cooler temperatures, they will eventually wilt in winter.

Are the cosmos growing back?

To benefit from it the following year, it is necessary to collect the seeds of the cosmos after their flowering and proceed to sow the following spring. Cosmos are among the flowers that can reseed naturally from year to year.

Here is all about How to Grow Cosmos, Their Varieties & Taking Care Of Them. Hope you like it. Make sure, you avoid the common gardening mistakes. Stay blessed.

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