How To Grow Coleus And Take Proper Care For Them

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Coleus is a wonderful plant that is easy to grow and fertile. Its facility to reproduce and to have shot is fast; easy to grow and care for. In this article, we’ll let you know, How to Grow Coleus And Take Proper Care For Them.

How to Grow Coleus

It should be noted that it is one of the favorite plants invited in the garden. Among the characteristics of Coleo, its leaves with velvety, cordiform textures emphasize, with beautiful designs that are combined with intense and striking colors that impress with superb and delicate touches. So let’s know about How to Grow Coleus. Take a note.

How To Grow Coleus

How is Coleus grown?

Coleus cultivation depends on the style the planter or gardener wants to use. It can be planted in different ways and here we explain some of the most important aspects to take into account:

It Is Advisable To Plant In Pots

  • If you have a predestined place for the coleus, you can plant it in a bag and later it is transplanted, you just have to be careful not to damage its roots.
  • The pots used in coleus crops are generally large because this plant can grow to a large size in a short time.
  • The land used for planting must be prepared with nutrients. In general, organic fertilizer is used which results from the mixture of residues of vegetables, fruits, coffee, eggshells that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that favor the growth of the stems and leaves of our plant.
  • Then the seeds are taken and placed in the pot prepared with compost and nutrients.

Plant In Pots

Planting by Cuttings To Grow Coleus

  • Coleus cultures will be made through cuttings, which allow a plant identical to the original plant (as a clone of it) to be obtained.
  • Several stems are selected from the mother plant.
  • The stem is cut and the leaves are removed.
  • The cuttings can be planted directly in another pot or placed in water.

Cuttings On Land

  • The cut stem is sown on the pot prepared with compost. About four inches deep.
  • Is covered properly
  • Water is placed to compact the soil around the cutting.

Cuttings In Water

  • If the Coleus cuttings are to be placed in water, this must be filtered, rain, or spring water.
  • They should only cover two inches of the stem.
  • When they begin to take root they can be transplanted into a pot.

How To Care For Coleus In The Different Seasons Of The Year

Care For Coleus

  • Coleus is a plant that does not need to receive direct sunlight; responds best to shady places and humidity.
  • In summer, it is advisable to locate this plant in places away from direct sunlight; because high temperatures can suffocate it and wilt its leaves.
  • Leaves withered by high temperatures should also be removed.
  • It is advisable to place them in a window so that the lighting does not affect her directly. And thus she can obtain the necessary nutrients that she receives from the light.
  • In autumn and winter, it must be protected from strong winds because they wither and knock down the leaves.

Be Very Aware Of  The Leaves And Roots To Grow Coleus

  • Coleus plants tend to have a very common invader that directly affects their leaves, these are Caterpillars.
  • Caterpillars have a predilection for Coleus leaves and they eat a large quantity of them and can kill them in a short time.
  • This directly affects the aesthetics of the plant.
  • It is important to check the leaves and place ecological insecticides to drive away from the presence of this predator.
  • Other pests that affect this plant are ants and bachacos. In the fall season, they tend to cut pieces of leaves that they store for the winter. Some species make their nests inside the pots and feed on the roots and nutrients of the plant.

Be Very Aware Of  The Leaves And Roots

Give The Coleus Adequate Watering

  • The water for irrigation should preferably be filtered or spring; because the treated water has a high content of chlorine and minerals that tend to wilt the leaves.
  • Coleus plants must have constant watering so that the substrate remains moist and it can have good absorption of nutrients.
  • The pots usually have holes that serve to drain the water. This makes it easier for the water to escape and for the plant to absorb what is necessary.
  • In case it does not have a water outlet, it is necessary to be aware of the irrigation so as not to drown it because the excess moisture rots the stem and the leaves.

So, here is all about How To Grow Coleus & Take Proper Care For Them, a complete guide. Hope this article will help you to grow coleus. Make sure you take proper care of them. Because without care, no plant can stay healthy. & if you have any questions, please let us know by commenting below. Stay Blessed always.

Happy Gardening.

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