How To Grow Cactus From Seeds & Maintain Them

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Sowing is one of the methods of multiplication of cactus, it refers to the fact of putting seeds in the ground. Plants produced from sown seeds are also called “seedlings”. In this article, we’ll explain How To Grow Cactus From Seed.

How To Grow Cactus From Seeds

Grow cactus from seed is a slightly more complex technique than the others because germination is slow. It requires more extensive monitoring, and is not always successful! In any event, some species are easier to germinate than others, beginners are often advised to start with seeds of Astrophytum, Frailea, Ferocactus, Rebutia, Melocactus, Stenocactus, Echinopsis, Turbinicarpus, or Mammillaria (flowering after 1 year or 2 years only!).

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The genera Opuntia, Austrocactus, Sclerocactus, and Copiapoa are more complicated to germinate and are therefore not recommended to start sowing cacti.

When To Sow

The best time of year to grow Cactus from seed extends from spring to autumn. Because this leaves the possibility for plants to develop before winter.

Substrate To Grow Cactus From Seeds

  • The substrate should be well-drained and free from pathogens. A special seedling or special cactus soil may be suitable.
  • Amateurs prefer to compose their own mixture based on 1/3 potting soil, 1/3 garden soil, and 1/3 fairly fine river sand. In this case, it is best to sterilize the mixture by baking at full power for 20 minutes.
  • Other mixtures exist according to the specific needs of certain rare species such as Ariocarpus or Lithops which need a very mineral substrate and fear decaying organic matter.
  • Whatever the substrate used, add a little charcoal powder to it to prevent the appearance of fungal diseases including damping-off.


To know more about the cactus soil you can visit HERE.

How To Sow Cactus Seeds?

After preparing the soil for the cactus, you have to follow these steps.

Follow these steps given below:

  • Arrange this mixture in a box or deep individual pots – make sure the containers have holes for drainage;
  • Arrange your cactus seeds evenly, spacing them slightly;
  • Lightly tamp the substrate with your hand so that the seeds are slightly embedded in the substrate, without being covered ;
  • Put a small layer of gravel on top if you wish;
  • Completely moisten the substrate from below using a saucer.

How To Sow Cactus Seeds

Germination Of Seeds, To Grow Cactus From Seeds

  • Place your seedlings in a ventilated, dry, very bright room (while avoiding the direct sun). Ideally in a greenhouse, but it could be on the windowsill for example. To reproduce the heat of a greenhouse, it is also possible to cover the pots with cellophane or plastic bag. If you don’t have a warm enough room, you can also place the seedlings under a grow light.
  • During the germination phase, be careful never to let the substrate dry out. To germinate, cactus seeds need a constantly moist substrate.
  • Likewise, the ambient temperature should be maintained above 20 ° C, and ideally, at 30 ° C (maximum 35 ° C) during the day. The speed of emergence will largely depend on this temperature, but with an ideal temperature, the seeds should germinate within 2 weeks.
  • Once the seeds have germinated, stop watering and let the soil dry out completely for 2 days before watering.
  • After 2 months of growth (or more, depending on the speed of emergence), uncover the seedlings if you have covered them and repot them individually before starting a classic watering rhythm and classic maintenance.

Germination Of Seeds

How To Maintain Them?

  • In winter, stop all watering and keep the plants in a bright room with a temperature around 14 ° C.
  • The following spring, start again to water and to make light contributions of fertilizer, respecting the doses recommended on the bottle.
  • Treat like adults by gradually placing your little cacti in full sun.

How To Maintain Them

Where To Buy Cactus Seeds?

There are specialized sites, plant exchanges where you can find seeds. Specialized producers sometimes sell seeds, you can also get them on forums and sometimes even in garden centers.

So, here are all the details about How To Grow Cactus From Seeds. As cactus is a slow-growing plant, you have to keep patience after sowing the seeds. Hopefully, you will get a great result by following these steps properly.

I hope this article will help you to grow your own cacti by yourself. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to ask any questions about gardening by commenting below.

Happy Gardening.

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