How To Fertilize Flowers, A Guide For Flower Gardener.

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If you are looking for a guide about How To Fertilize Flowers, here we are!

The flowers are so beautiful that you want to see them throughout the year. Something that is easy to get, since We just have to acquire them taking into account the season in which their wonderful petals sprout.

And we will have it even easier if we choose those whose flowering season lasts practically the whole year, such as geraniums or rose bushes. But if we want them to produce a large quantity of them while they live, we must know how to fertilize flowers.

How To Fertilize Flowers

If you are a flower lover, & want your flowers to bloom… But you still do not know How To Fertilize Flowers or if you have doubts about this topic, then I will explain how we can achieve our goal.

Choose The Right Fertilizer

Choose The Right Fertilizer

The vast majority of Fertilizers that we find in nurseries and garden stores are synthetic, chemical. In each container, we can see that they contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). Next to it, or very close, they have some numbers, for example, 2-1-6. Each of these numbers represents the concentration of each of these macronutrients, that is, in this case, it would be:

  • 2% nitrogen
  • 1% of phosphorus
  • 6% potassium

If we want a fertilizer that helps the plant to flourish, we have to choose one whose potassium concentration is the highest, the more the merrier. Why? Because it is this macronutrient that is primarily responsible for the development and formation of flowers.

When And How To Pay?

It is often said that plants must be fertilized just as soon as they begin to flower. But I am going to recommend that start as soon as spring comes regardless of whether they have started producing flowers already or not.

When And How To Pay?

They are living beings that, like us, need to “eat” to stay, not only alive but also strong and healthy. So if we want them to produce beautiful flowers, it doesn’t hurt to fertilize them regularly as soon as the temperatures are above 15ºC.

To minimize the risk of overdose, It is very important to read the label on the container and follow its instructions exactly otherwise, we would not only run out of flowers, but we could also seriously damage the plant, causing burns that could weaken it.

So, this is all about How To Fertilize Flowers. With these tips, we will have flowers every season. I hope you like this article. For more informative articles like this, you can visit our gardening tips category. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting below. Have a good day.

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