How To Care For Sedum Plant, A Guide For Beginners.

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Sedum is a succulent plant. That is to say, that its fleshy leaves allow it to survive in arid environments. And it belongs to the Crassulaceae family. Often used as ground cover, it can also make beautiful decorative pots in all seasons and requiring almost no maintenance. So, let’s know about How To Care For Sedum Plant.

How To Care For Sedum Plant

True camels, sedums can go without drinking for weeks. Tolerate any type of soil as long as it is well-drained, and reseed themselves on their own. You can very easily cut them by placing a piece of stem or a leaf on the ground, they will take root on their own!

This plant is anything but demanding. And has only these two demands:

  1. A well-drained soil
  2. A sunny location

So simple, right? There are many varieties of Sedum plants. Let’s have a look at How To Care For Sedum Plant.

Caring for Sedum Spectabile, or Autumn Stonecrop

Sedum standing about fifty centimeters in height, jade green foliage and pink to dark red flowers in umbels. The sedum spectabile is one of the largest sedums. It likes well-drained soils, and even poor soils do not scare it. . A location in the sun or partial shade is ideal. Its long stems tilt to seek light if there is too much shade. It tolerates a temperature of -5 to -10 °, and even -15 ° and easily accepts spray and drought. When the tuft is dry, fold it back completely.

Caring for Acrid Sedum or Yellow Stonecrop

This sedum is carpeted and is covered between spring and summer with a multitude of small bright yellow flowers in a star. Hardy down to -5 or -10 °, or even -15 °. Acrid sedum also tolerates spray and drought and does not require any maintenance. It appreciates sandy and very sunny soils, even if it is not very difficult as to the nature of the soil.


Care for Sedum Spurium or Mongrel Stonecrop

Its small flat flowers of a very bright pink generally (they can also be white or red) illuminate between July and October. It’s evergreen foliage, of bluish-green. This ground cover stonecrop is very covering and ideal for garnishing bare places. To keep it dense and compact, it is necessary to cut back the tuft in autumn.

Maintenance of Sedum “Matrona”

Its purple foliage and light pink umbel flowers make it very decorative even in the middle of winter.
The “Matrona” sedum is quite large, about sixty centimeters. At the end of winter, gently remove the stems from the previous year when the new stems begin to emerge from the ground.

Caring for Sedum Aizoon

Another sedum lining, the stonecrop aizoon presents beautiful small, very fine yellow flowers. Its flower stems are to be cut once dry.

Caring for Sedum Kamtschaticum

Also known as Kamtchaka stonecrop or Russian stonecrop, this sedum forms a solid green cushion whose flowers are starry golden yellow. You can cut the stems after flowering.

So, here is all about How To Care For Sedum Plant. Isn’t it so easy? To read more articles like this, you can visit our Succulent category. Happy Gardening.

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