What Is A Greenhouse And How Does The Greenhouse Work

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In this article, we will talk about the greenhouse, & will know how does the greenhouse work. A greenhouse is made up of a metal or plastic structure covered by translucent materials to achieve maximum brightness inside. Inside this greenhouse, we will obtain artificial conditions (microclimate) that generate higher productivity for the plants at a minimum cost and in less time.

It protects the plants or crops that are inside from environmental damage such as frost, strong winds, hail, insect pests …

Therefore we can grow in a greenhouse at any time of the year and they will be much more productive.

How Does The Greenhouse Work

So it’s time to know how does the greenhouse work. Let’s get started.

How Does The Greenhouse Work

What Guidelines Should I Follow To Place My Greenhouse?

  • Brightness: Sunlight is essential when growing inside the greenhouse. It must have a minimum of 6 hours of light a day, take this information into account when placing the greenhouse, and do not place it in a place with excessive shade. Otherwise, it will harm your cultivation.
  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for a wide variety of crops ranges from 20º during the day to 7º at night. If the temperature is higher in the greenhouse, we can open doors and windows to lower the temperature.
  • Humidity: Most plants or crops need a relative humidity in the air of between 45% to 60%. It is very important that the humidity is not higher because it would favor the appearance of insect and fungal pests.
  • Aeration: As we have already mentioned before, we must take into account the importance of windows and doors to lower the temperature inside and to have correct ventilation for the plants. On the doors and windows, we can install mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering the interior. If by opening doors or windows we cannot get the temperature to drop, we can install fans inside to help lower the temperature. In times of very cold, we can also install a heater or heat pump indoors.

What Kind Of Plant Can I Grow In A Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are a very profitable tool in our orchards or gardens. In the greenhouse, we can carry out any type of cultivation, especially those that are more delicate.

It is used to protect the germination and growth of seeds. In the orchard, we will make seedbeds and crops outside their usual season. With this, we will achieve more profitability and improve the quality of the fruit.


In summary :

A greenhouse can be defined as a covered and artificially closed installation with resistant materials that are mostly transparent. And all this to protect the plants from bad adverse weather situations such as (Intense snow, strong winds, storms, humidity, etc.) The greenhouses models are characterized by their quality, their different types of ventilation, and the availability of different heights with structures that can complement the covers perfectly, whether they are of different types such as plastic, mesh, plates, polycarbonate,

At Grupo MSC they have different models of greenhouses and a staff that will provide you with advice to carry out the production of all kinds of crops: from horticultural crops, seedbeds, ornamental plants, etc …

In all the variety of Greenhouses that they make, they are developed in a relatively short time. In addition, the main structure of all the greenhouse models is hot galvanized, which gives them maximum protection against possible oxidation both from the humid environment of the crop and due to the environmental conditions outside.

So, here is all about What Is A Greenhouse And How Does The Greenhouse Work. Hope you like this. To read more informative articles, you can visit our Gardening tips category.

Happy Gardening.

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