Description Of Haworthia Zebra & Haworthia Zebra Plant Care

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a zebra with an aloe? You would have a succulent Zebra (Haworthia attenuata). You won’t believe how beautiful the combination is! It’s so much unique. So if you are planting this unique plant, let me help you by giving some tips about Haworthia Zebra Plant Care.

Haworthia Zebra Plant Care

This kind of plant needs some extra care you know! But don’t panic. It’s not that hard. Now I’m giving you the details about Haworthia Zebra & Haworthia Zebra Plant Care. So let’s get started.

Succulent Zebra (Haworthia attenuata)

I present to you the Haworthia attenuata, better known as the zebra plant or zebra succulent. This is the favorite of many and it is easy to understand why.

Haworthia Zebra

It has a very interesting texture as if it invited us to touch it. Also, its white horizontal lines give it a modern look. But without a doubt, the most I like about it is the shape of its leaves, which are upright and collected.

This succulent is excellent for indoors. After it’s near a window through which a lot of light comes in, it’s going to be fine.

How to use the Zebra plant in decoration

Looks great in modern cement pots and terrariums. You can use it to add texture to an arrangement, or you can use it as a focal point.

Still, I think less is more with this succulent, so I don’t like to invent much with it. I love how it looks in white pots because it gives it a modern, clean, interesting, and refreshing look. But remember, that’s my taste, feel free to experiment with them.

Haworthia Zebra Plant Care

The Zebra plant is very easy to care for. Just keep in mind the advice that I give you below.


Don’t use soil for general gardening. These retain a lot of moisture. Better use a substrate for cacti and succulents or create your own mix.

Haworthia Zebra Plant Care (1)


I have found that the Zebra plant likes water more than other succulents. Even so, they are susceptible to root rot.

To water your Haworthia Attenuata you only need to know these 2 rules:

  • Only water them when the substrate is completely dry.
  • Water it until the water runs out of the drain hole.

If you have it in an arrangement without drainage you must be very careful.


The Succulent Zebra supports the morning and afternoon sun without problem, but it must be protected from the strong sun from 11 pm – 2 pm.


Fertilize with worm castings once or twice a year. Never use high nitrogen fertilizers when fertilizing your succulents.

How to propagate Haworthia Attenuata (Zebra plant)

When your Haworthia attenuata is in bloom it means that it will soon give young children and the mother plant will die. To separate the children from the mother plant, use a sharp, clean, and disinfected knife or scissors.

propagate Haworthia Attenuata

Propagation procedure:

  • Cut as close to the stem as possible to include as many roots as possible.
  • Plant the suckers in a substrate for cacti and succulents.
  • Place the children in a place with sufficient lighting, but protected from the strong mid-day sun.

Separate note

I have my Zebra Succulents in the garden, and to be honest, they are not protected from the sun and I water them a thousand at a time. I have found that they are very hardy succulents.

The only indicator of neglect that I have noticed is that some have burned tips. This means that they lack water, or they have endured many hours of sun. I can still use them for arrangements, how? I simply cut the burnt ends with scissors.

So, here is all about Haworthia Zebra & Haworthia Zebra Plant Care. For avoiding mistakes, our article Common Gardening Mistakes might help you. Stay blessed.

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