What Is The Best Way To Grow Potatoes In Containers?

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If you are searching for the best way to grow potatoes in containers, then most welcome! You are in the right place. Growing potatoes in containers are very simple. Just be a little careful and have some foresight. When you start growing a tuber on the balcony, you have to be careful to ensure that the plants have enough soil to allow them to grow their “roots” as much as possible.

This is why this crop needs very large and deep pots or containers.

Best Way to Grow Potatoes in Containers

To have excellent rubbers it is necessary to manage the plants carefully. The sowing of the potato, in fact, must be carried out with rationality. The crop must be irrigated in an impeccable way and the harvest carried out only when it is ripe, without forgetting that it is necessary to preserve the potatoes in the best way to be able to savor it for the winter and beyond.

If you have ever wondered how to grow potatoes in confined spaces without having a vegetable garden or a garden, here is our practical guide about the best way to grow potatoes in containers.

Potatoes To use For Planting In Containers

Which Potatoes To use For Planting In Containers?

Many find it difficult to choose the potato variety to use for sowing. We advise you to trust your trusted dealer but be wary in case he proposes to plant potato seeds. Potato crops that start from seed are exclusively those intended for the search for new varieties. Therefore, they are not very suitable for those who aim to harvest potatoes in quantities with the least possible effort. Especially in the case of hobbyists.

It must also be said that buying new seed potatoes every year is a bit expensive. To limit expenses we advise you to sow those collected from the garden in the previous year. All you have to do is put aside the first recovered potatoes and store them as we will describe later. A few days before planting, place the chosen tubers in the sun to make them. Germinate and know where to cut them.

Of coursebecause to save even more. You can plant even half a potatothe important thing is that each part has a gem (the eyecapable of producing vegetation.

Once you have the containerssow the potatoes in pots following our instructions:

  • Place a 1 cm – 2 cm high layer of expanded clay on the bottom;
  • Fill the pot with loose soil suitable for the crop. If the one available to you is not ideal, just mix it with sand to make it more permeable;
  • Place the potato in the center of the pot and bury it about 10 cm taking care to keep the sprout upwards,
    Water the soil;
  • Place the pot in the sunlight.

Once the potatoes have been planted, water the soil and keep it constantly moist enough until the sprout comes out of the ground.

How to Carry Out Potato Irrigation and Tamping

The potato is a crop that, if followed with some care, gives a lot of satisfaction. First of all, it must be remembered that irrigation of potatoes is very important. Especially in environments characterized by drought summer.

Potato Irrigation and Tamping

The tubers, in fact, are very sensitive to water. And in extreme cases, they risk not growing or being attacked by diseases and harmful insects. In addition to irrigating, during cultivation it is good to tuck the vegetables. In the case of the vegetable garden, proceed by digging between the rows and adding soil to the base of the plants, while when growing in Containers it will be enough to add soil to cover part of the main stem.

Thanks to this process, the light will never hit the potatoes. Thus avoiding unpleasant greening of the pulp. At the same time this work allows you to eliminate weeds and, in the case of the vegetable garden, allows you to create a groove for irrigation between 2 rows, facilitating and making irrigation more efficient.

Harvesting PotatoesWhen and How To Do It?

The potato must be harvested at the right time to prevent it from being too unripe or excessively ripe. A big problem since it grows underground. Avoid disturbing the plants by constantly undermining them to check the state of ripeness. You can adjust by remembering the timing with which the cultivation cycle ended in previous years or trust the indications suggested on the label of the products purchased.

Harvesting Potatoes for growing up in containers
Fortunately, when the harvest period approaches you will see the plants dry out. As happens with onion and Jerusalem artichoke. Even the potato must be recovered from the ground when the vegetation completely loses its tone.

If you are growing in the open field, harvest the potatoes by uprooting the plants from the ground with the help of a pitchfork. While, if you have decided to grow potatoes on the balcony, all you have to do is extract the plants from the Containers.

Store the Potatoes to Grow in Containers

Once you have grown a perfect potato it is good to keep it at its best to be able to taste it at will. Potato storage is conditioned right from the moment after harvest. Once the tubers have been recovered, arrange them as soon as possible in a dark, cool, airy environment with temperatures above 4 degrees C to avoid the risk of seeing the pulp green.

Store the Potatoes to Grow in Containers

To Preserve the potatoes in the best possible way, place than in a wicker basket or in a bag of breathable material (such as jute) capable of limiting the presence of humidity.

Potatoes at the table are among the protagonists!

Potatoes can rightly be considered the queen of the kitchen. Appreciated for their nutritional qualities, potatoes are very good and lend themselves to many cooking. They can be fried, boiled with other vegetables to prepare a tasty mix of mixed vegetables, cooked on the grill or in the oven.

Potatoes at the table

Sohere you know about the Best Way to Grow Potatoes in ContainersTo avoid common mistakes & to achieve a great result in gardening you may wanna read about Common Gardening Mistakes. Take care!

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