Best Tomato Varieties To Grow For The Garden & Tips For Planting

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Tomato is a vegetable so appreciated throughout the world. And today there are literally thousands of cultivars of different colors, shapes, and sizes. In addition to the varieties adapted to the climatic characteristics of each region. The assortment of seeds and plants for all tastes and needs is vast. A true collection with different qualities for different uses: in a salad, for filling, making canned food, fried tomato, gazpacho. So, today I’m gonna tell you about The Best Tomato Varieties To Grow for the garden.


Growing tomatoes at home is easier than it sounds. Assure them sun, water, and rich soil. And you will have a harvest full of flavor.

No tomato tastes the same as the one grown at home. But what varieties to choose from? Which ones are best suited to the urban garden? Among the seeds and plants that you will find in your garden center. You have a lot to choose from.

Here we recommend the Best Tomato varieties To Grow with different qualities. A whole rainbow of tomatoes. Growing this source of vitamins and flavor is easier than it sounds. Keep these basic recommendations in mind.


The tomato harvest can start in June or be delayed until August. Some varieties are earlier than others but never mature more than two or three weeks apart.

  • Tomatoes are a classic in the summer garden. Starting in February (even December in the case of some varieties and depending on the region) you can start making the seedlings in a greenhouse or indoors; from March-April, outdoors.
  • The plants that you obtain or those that you acquire in your garden center you should take them to the ground when the risk of frost has passed. Its optimum temperature for development and production is 20-30º; below 0º the plant dies.
  • Depending on the climate of the area, the orientation of the orchard, and the amount of sunshine it receives. Among other variants, the harvest can start in June or be delayed until August. Some varieties are earlier than others but never mature more than 2-3 weeks apart. It all depends largely on the year and the region. It is usually from May to October in the Mediterranean area and from mid-June to October in the continental area.
  • Tomatoes are very fond of the sun. If you want healthy and productive bushes, make sure they enjoy a sunny exposure.
  • Provide them with a quality substrate to achieve a crop in optimal conditions. It is important that it does not puddle and has a good proportion of organic matter. A fertilizer rich in potassium will facilitate the development of the fruits.
  • Water the tomato plants regularly, especially during the production season. Preventing the substrate from drying out too much between waterings. If they are in a pot, you should water them more frequently and in less quantity. The substrate should be padded.
  • According to their growth habit, tomatoes are classified into determinate. Whose shoots always end in flower, and indeterminate. Where the tips of the stems always produce a vegetative bud without a flower that allows them to grow continuously. The former are normally cultivated in the form of a low bush, without pruning, while the latter are usually staked.
  • The trellis of the tomato plants allows planting in a smaller frame and saves space. The usual planting frame is about 40 to 70 centimeters. depending on the vigor of the variety. In addition, when guiding the plant in height, the leaves are removed from the ground. Preventing the humidity of the substrate after irrigation from facilitating the proliferation of fungi. The tutors are traditionally made with a structure of reeds from which a rope is hung on which the new shoots of the tomato are hugged so that it can climb.
  • The pruning of the plants is very simple. You only have to leave a single guide and cut the lateral branches that appear in the axils of the leaves.


1- ‘Cherry’, the kings of the pots

Cherry tomatoes

Small, red, and the size of a cherry, the ‘Cherry’ tomato is today one of the most popular. Due to its crunchy texture and sweet flavor, it is very rich in salads and even on its own. Without any type of dressing. Its small size compared to other varieties. And its determined growth allows it to be easily grown in a pot. Its small fruits are also very decorative. In the southern regions of Spain, it can continue to bear fruit until December.

2- ‘Roma’, for frying, preserving …

Roma tomatoes

The ‘Roma’ tomato is best suited for canning grating and frying. Its fruits, of small size (between 100 and 170 grams). Few seeds and fleshy and consistent pulp, are very recognizable by their pear shape. It is a late tomato, easy to grow, and abundant in production. It is also very appropriate for making gazpacho.

3- Sweet and black

Sweet and black

Many amateurs reserve a space in their orchards. For black tomato despite having somewhat lower productivity than other varieties. It is one of the most appreciated for its beautiful dark color and its flavor, with exceptional softness and sweet touch. They are small in size and begin to mature inside.

4- ‘Green Scheme’ to fill

Green Scheme tomatoes

This is a traditional tomato variety that owes its name to the fact that it maintains a green neck when the fruit is ripe. It is used to consume fresh in salad and also to fill. It is medium in size (about 200 grams) and it is well preserved.

5- ‘Andine Cornue, pepper-shaped Tomato

'Andine Cornue, pepper-shaped Tomato

The ‘Andine Cornue’ tomato is a curious variety of small (100 grams), elongated, pepper-shaped fruits with intense red color. They are very tasty, digestive, and perfumed. It is a rustic tomato plant with a precocious behavior.

6- ‘Marglobe’ for the gazpacho

'Marglobe' for the gazpacho

With a tall bush (1.50-1.70 meters) and great yield. The ‘Marglobe’ variety produces medium tomatoes (150-175 grams), rounded, smooth, and bright red. Its skin is fine and the pulp, juicy. It has few seeds.  When it ripes, makes it ideal for gazpacho. It can be sown in a greenhouse in December. It is of medium earliness and good productivity.

So, I hope now you have got some knowledge about Best Tomato Varieties To Grow. If you want to plant tomatoes indoors, then this article, How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors might help you! Have a Good Day.

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