The 7 Best Lawn Mower Lift for your Money In 2022

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The first thing you need to know when looking for the best lawn mower lift is that there are many different types of lifts. The type of lift can make a big difference in what kind of lawnmowers it can hold and where you want to store your machine. There are two major types: tow-behind or wheeled. Tow behind lifts allows you more mobility. But they require some extra work such as gas, oil, and being careful not to run over things like rocks on the ground while moving it around. Wheeled units may be easier to move around but they’re limited by their wheels so if you have uneven terrain this might not be the right choice for you.

A lawn mower lift is a great tool to help you get the job done with less effort. This article will provide reviews, buying tips, and more information about this handy product.

Pro-LifT T-5335A

Pro-LifT T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

➤ Lifting Capacity 350 Lbs
➤ Hydraulic Power.
➤ Weight: 55 Lbs
➤ 23-Inch Lifting Height.

Pro Lift T-5305

Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift with Hydraulic Jack for...

➤ Lifting Capacity 500 Lbs
➤ Hydraulic Power.
➤ Weight: 88.7 Lbs
➤ 26-Inch Lifting Height.

MoJack EZ Max

MoJack EZ Max - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift,...

➤ Lifting Capacity 450 Lbs
➤ Manual Power.
➤ Weight: 68 Lbs
➤ 24-Inch Lifting Height.

10 Best Lawn Mower Lifts On The Market

If you are looking for a lawn mower lift, don’t just buy the first one that looks good. There are many different types of lifts out there and they all have their benefits and drawbacks. In this section, we will go over some of the best models on the market to help you find which is right for you! If you need more information than what’s covered here, check out our buying guide at the end of this article. It has tons of great info about how to choose your new lawnmower lift!

1. Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift

The Pro-Lift t-5305 Lawn Mower Lift is a product that I have been wanting for some time now. After researching the different options and prices, this one seemed to be the best option for me. It can lift up to 500 pounds and has 300 lbs of horizontal force. The reviews say it’s easy to install and use. I am excited because my current garage doesn’t have any overhead space. So it’s hard getting tools in and out without making noise or hitting my head on something.

Pro Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift with Hydraulic Jack for...

Top Features

  • The Pro Lift T-5305 lawn mower lift has a lifting capacity of 500 lbs and uses hydraulic power to lift your mower up to 26 inches high.
  • This lift is made from durable steel and has a weight of 88.7 lbs, making it easy to move around your garage or shed.
  • The 26-inch lifting height is perfect for most lawn mowers and provides easy access to the blades, air filters, and other components for maintenance and repairs.
  • The Pro Lift T-5305 lawn mower lift comes with a two-year warranty and is backed by a team of experts who are available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns.
  • This lift is easy to assemble.

The Pro-Lift t-5305 is a great solution for storing and lifting your riding lawn mower. The Pro-Lift t-5305 has a 500-pound capacity, so it can handle almost any riding lawn mower. The Pro Lift T-5305 is designed to be easy to assemble in minutes without any tools required. It is also very easy to operate.

The Pro-Lift t-5305 is a heavy-duty lawn mower lift which makes it ideal for lifting and supporting your lawn mower. The Pro-Lift features a sturdy design with a rubber-padded platform. It is to prevent scratching and protect the surface of your lawnmower. This lift also has a safety lock to ensure the load will not fall off during use. The Pro-Lift is easy to maneuver and adjust. For a wide variety of machines making this lift perfect for any homeowner with an extensive yard. Or small business owners with multiple landscaping vehicles.


  • It is built very well.
  • Great mower lift for the price.
  • Very easy to assemble and use.
  • Works great.


  • You may find it difficult to move around and fold up. 

2. MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift

The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift is a portable, easy-to-use mower lift that will make it easier for you to work on your lawn. Its lightweight and compact design make it great for any job – big or small. You can easily transport the MoJack from one part of the yard to another without picking up the heavy parts yourself!

MoJack EZ Max - Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift,...

Top Features

  • The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift can lift up to 450 lbs, making it easy to move mowers of all sizes.
  • The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift is only 68 lbs, making it easy to move even when full.
  • The 24-inch lifting height allows you to easily lift your mower for transport or storage.
  • The manual power means you can use it with any mower, regardless of its weight or size.
  • The MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift is backed by a warranty, ensuring that your purchase is protected.

This review will cover some of its features as well as pros and cons so you can decide if this product is right for you. Read on and find out more!

The EZ-Max by MoJack is a great way to lift your mower or tractor for easy maintenance and repairs. It comes with the necessary hardware to attach it to any zero radius mower or lawn and garden tractor. The patented design makes them easy to assemble; use and store; MoJack lifts are much safer and more convenient to use than car ramps. They also fit in most garages, so you can get the job done without having to move your machine around. Use them for mower maintenance or repair, blade sharpening, belt replacement, debris removal.


  • It is well designed and built for the tasks intended.
  • Easy to operate
  • It’s very much sturdy and solid
  • Works great for removing the blades


  • Sometimes it is difficult to make it lower.

3. MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift

MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to get their riding lawn mowers in and out of storage sheds, garages, or anywhere else. This product makes it possible to lift a machine up with just one person. It can be used on almost any type of riding lawn mower as long as there is enough ground clearance. The unit will save you time and energy while also preventing injuries because the design requires very little effort from the user.

MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift, 750lb Capacity,...

Top Features

  • The MJ750XT is the perfect addition to any home with a riding lawn mower. It lifts the mower to a height of 25 inches, making it easier to work on the blades, wheels, and other parts of the machine.
  • The MJ750XT has a lifting capacity of 750 lbs., making it strong enough to lift even the heaviest lawn mowers.
  • The MJ750XT is easy to use. It requires no power supply or batteries and can be operated manually.
  • The MJ750XT is compact and lightweight, weighing just 99.8 lbs. It can be easily stored in a garage or shed when not in use.
The MoJack is the ultimate mower lift for your tractor or zero-turn mower. The MoJack lifts any riding lawnmower, zero turn mower, or tractor with ease and safely stores it in a vertical position. The MoJack features a patented wheel clamp system. Which fits all sizes of front wheels and has an adjustable wheel span to fit most brands of tractors. This heavy-duty lift can hold up to 750 pounds and can be easily lifted with one hand.
The MoJack will lift your riding mower up to 25″ off of the ground. Allowing you to rotate tires and perform other maintenance on your vehicle without having to jack it up from the side or roll it over. The sturdy steel construction makes the MoJack strong enough to handle any job you throw at it. This product can be used with any lawn tractor or ZTR riding mower on the market!


  • It has three different holes in it, for the fail-safe locking pin.
  • Very well built.
  • The crank handle is fast enough.
  • Works great


  • You may have to use a drill to raise or lower it.

4. Pro-LifT T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

Do you find the thought of lifting, moving, and transporting your lawnmower a daunting task? If so, then this blog post is for you. We will be reviewing the Pro-Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift to help make the process easier. This device can hold up to 500 pounds of weight which means it should be able to carry any type or size of lawnmower on its platform with ease. It also features two locking pins that keep everything in place. While transporting as well as an easy-grip handlebar that makes maneuvering a breeze. The only downside we found was that it doesn’t come with instructions but they are available online if needed. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Pro-LifT T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift

Top Features

  • The Pro-Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift has a lifting capacity of 350 lbs and a hydraulic power that makes it easy to lift and move lawn mowers.
  • At only 55 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to move around.
  • The 23-inch lifting height allows you to easily get under the lawn mower.
  • The lift has a safety lock that keeps the lawn mower in place while you are working on it.
  • The included carrying strap makes it easy to transport the lift.
  • The Pro-Lift T-5335A Lawn Mower Lift is backed by a year warranty.

This Pro-Lift T-5335A Lift is designed for the safety and convenience of transporting your riding lawn mower. The unique design provides a safe, secure hold on your machine while it’s being transported or stored. The rubber padded platform protects the finish on your machine and prevents scratches. A non-slip foot pedal allows effortless lifting of the load. Easily maneuverable and adjustable for a wide variety of machines. Capacity 300 lbs.

Pro-Lift T-5335A is a great tool for safely lifting, moving, and storing your lawn mower. The safety lock feature ensures the machine remains securely in place while being moved. Adjustable to fit a wide variety of machines, Pro-Lift T-5335A will help you get your equipment where it needs to go without strain or hassle.


  • It gives you enough space to change the blades with no issue.
  • Works great on the larger commercial mowers too.
  • It can fit wide or standard wheels.


  • You may find it hard to move around 

5. Larin Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift

The Larin Corporation manufactures a variety of products, including lawn mowers. The company is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry and has been around since 1946. They are also known for their excellent customer service and outstanding warranties on all products.

Larin Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift

The Larin Corporation introduced their new product: the LMLF-750 Lawn Mower Lift. It’s with hydraulic lift assist to make it easier than ever for homeowners to get under a mower or other machinery when working outdoors. This product was designed to be used by anyone who needs to access hard-to-reach areas. Like underneath vehicles or machinery, without having to rely on someone else for help. It will save you from getting dirty hands and possible injuries while you work!

This Lawn Mower Lift is the ultimate tool for lifting and transporting your lawn mowers. The lift will fit most zero-turn mowers, garden tractors, and other small equipment weighing up to 750 lbs. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or with our optional spreader bar attachment (sold separately). Our patented ratchet system allows you to safely raise your equipment without ever having to leave the driver’s seat! Simply drive onto the lift, release the parking brake and use the gas pedal to raise the front wheels off of the ground.


  • You can easily convert it from lawn mower lift to farm jack.
  • It has safety straps to secure the wheels
  • Works flawlessly


  • The assembly is a little bit tricky.

6. MoJack Workbench – Quickly Convert Mower Lift

A lawn mower lift is a great tool to have if you have a walk-behind or riding mower. It quickly and easily converts the mower into a power saw, allowing you to do tasks like cutting branches or trimming bushes. There are several different types of lifts available, but the MoJack workbench is one of the best options on the market.

MoJack Workbench Quickly Convert Worktable for Push...

Top Features

  • The MoJack Workbench is a great way to quickly and easily lift your walk behind mower up to 28 inches.
  • This will help you safely and efficiently work on your push mower or other small projects.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to use, while the 200lb lifting capacity ensures that most mowers can be easily lifted.
  • The MoJack Workbench also comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that you can use it with confidence.
  • Finally, the MoJack Workbench is a great value, providing all of these features at a fraction of the cost of other lifts on the market.

The MoJack workbench features a heavy-duty steel frame that supports up to 400 pounds. The bench also has enough space to hold tools, accessories, and your lawn mower. The bench has two adjustable arms that let you position it just right for your needs.

The MoJack workbench is easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to convert their lawn mower into a power saw.


  • Reduces Strain on Back and Arms
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Efficiency


  • Not suitable for all mowers.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

Factors to Consider When Buying

A lawn mower lift is a device that holds your lawn mower out of the way off the ground, allowing you to change and service it without having to bend over. If you are looking for a new one or want to buy one for someone who loves their yard then this section is perfect for you! This area will walk you through what features are important in choosing a great lift. And give some helpful tips on what lift could be best suited to your needs.


A lawn mower lift can make all the difference when it comes to properly maintain your yard. Knowing which brand is best for you will save a lot of time in research and money on return purchases or repairs!
It’s important that before buying, people know what brands they’re looking at as there are many different varieties. Which available out there today. But knowing beforehand makes getting set up much quicker than having to buy something with no knowledge about its quality.

Power Source

Buying a lawnmower lift can be confusing. There are three major power sources to choose from: hydraulic, manual, or electric. The type you pick will depend on your needs and budget. Once you’ve done the research required for buying this specific product! Then it’ll be easy to make an informed decision about what best suits your situation!

Item Weight

You need to know the Item Weight of a lawn mower lift before you buy one. You can get an idea from looking at weight specs for your desired model. But this isn’t always reliable because these numbers are often inaccurate or inconsistent. And sometimes even missing altogether.


Having a lawn mower lift is important. It’s essential to know the price of it before you buy one because they can get expensive depending on what quality and size you’re looking for! Don’t just blindly buy a lawn mower lift without knowing the price.

Lifting Capacity

The most important thing to do before you buy a lawn mower lift, in my opinion, would be knowing what the lifting capacity of that particular model is. This will determine how large and heavy-duty it can handle as well as its weight limit.


The first thing to consider when deciding on a lawn mower lift is the features. There are many types of lifts available, and each will vary in weight capacity limits. Or fold-ability for easy storage or transportation purposes, price range. Among other considerations so it’s important to know what you’re looking for from your chosen model. And it’s before making any purchase decisions.

While there may be some overlap between models depending on how much space one has available at their home location. But more often than not these two variables can’t be used interchangeably. As they offer very different benefits that should always take precedence over just getting something. Because it’ll easily fit into place while still meeting all desired requirements.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of the lawn mower lift are often overlooked in a buying decision. Yet, these can be valuable sources of information about quality and durability! So, before you make your final purchase for an expensive tool like this!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to peruse. Some questions may seem silly, but we’ve been there too and know how frustrating it can be! Find your question below, or feel free to ask us anything in the comments section. Happy mowing!

What is a lawn mower lift?

A lawn mower lift is an attachment that attaches to the front of your riding lawnmower. And lifts up so you can easily change the height settings on your blades without having to get off the machine. This allows for more precise cutting when adjusting blade height.

How much does a lawn mower lift cost?

A lawn mower lift is a device that lifts up your riding lawnmower for easier storage. They allow you to store the machine in an upright position, taking advantage of vertical space when storing it outside or inside.

A garden tool’s price can vary from $50-$500 depending on the type and size (most are smaller than three feet high).


We’ve compiled a list of the five best lawn mower lifts on the market. These are some of the top sellers and we hope they help you make your decision easier as you go through our buying guide to find which one is perfect for you. If none or any of these products sound like they will work for what you need, feel free to reach out with questions! Our team would love to answer them and figure out how we can meet your needs in another way if needed. After reading this review post, have found your favorite product from our list? Let us know by commenting below!

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