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There are many different types of lawn mower blades. And it can be overwhelming to choose one when you don’t know what the differences are. This article will help guide you through some of the Best Lawn Mower Blades on the market today. Using a blade that is not sharp enough means your grass won’t get cut properly. And clippings will fly everywhere. And using a blade that’s too sharp will lead to uneven cuts, which may result in dead patches in your yard. The following five blades are recommended by professionals for their quality and reliability:

There are many options when it comes to blades. It’s important that you understand the various types of blades. And what they can do for your lawn before making any

purchase decisions. This article is meant to provide insight into the different types of blades. Their pros and cons, and who might be best suited for each type of blade.

Let’s get started!

We Recommend / Comparison

MaxPower 331376XB

MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Mower Blade...

➤ Weight 1.96 Lbs.
➤ Warranty 30 Days.
➤ Blade Length 22″.
➤ Made from USA steel.

Ariens 3PK Genuine

Ariens 3PK Genuine OEM Gravely 04771200 52' Zero Turn...

➤ Weight 5.70 Lbs.
➤ Warranty No.
➤ Blade Length 18″.
➤ Made from Steel.

Oregon 598-629

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16' Mulching Blades...

➤ Weight 5.00 Lbs.
➤ Warranty No.
➤ Blade Length 16″.
➤ Made from Steel.

5 Best Lawn Mower Blades Review

Do you need a new blade for your lawn mower? You’re not alone! In fact, most people only know to change their blades when they start making loud noises or stop cutting the grass. But did you know that it’s actually recommended to change them once every year or so because they dull over time? And if you have tough grass like St Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia! Then it’s more important to switch up your blades with something stronger and sharper. We’ve done the research and found some of the best lawn mower blade brands on the market right now. It’s all according to lawn mower professionals. Let’s see the below reviews.

1. Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16' Mulching Blades...

Top Features

  • The Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades are weight 5.00 lbs and 16 inch blade made from steel.
  • The blades are especially designed to cut through tough materials like tree limbs and thick branches with ease.
  • They also make quick work of smaller branches, saplings, and undergrowth.
  • The non-stick coating prevents the blade from building up sap and debris, which makes cuts cleaner and easier to manage.
  • The curved design of the blade allows it to grip onto branches for a more stable cut.

Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades are a popular choice. Among those who enjoy working in their yard and garden. They’re designed for heavy-duty, long-lasting use. And can be used on a variety of surfaces like dirt, grass, gravel, or stone. Oregon is one of the best brands out there. When it comes to gardening tools so you know that you’re getting quality with this purchase! For more information about these blades check below today!

Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades for Lawn Mower are made of premium steel. And are designed to fit select MTD models. These blades have a 6 point mounting hole on MTD and feature Tungsten Carbide “fused” to the edge for longer life. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades for Lawn Mower is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It is for the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship.


  • They are designed to be durable. So they give you a perfect finishing.
  • Due to the length, they eliminate the uncut grass between blades.
  • It has three angled slots. It allows the manufacturer to twist the back edge of the blade into wicked-looking points. These form the mulching area of the blade.


  • Won’t be great for zero-turn mowers.

The fusion process fuses tungsten carbide to the blade edge. Creates a stronger and more durable cutting edge. Which lasts longer than conventional blades. Oregon’s patented tooth design minimizes turf drag for better cut quality. And also for increased engine efficiency.

2. Ariens 3PK Genuine OEM Gravely 52″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Blades

Ariens 3PK Genuine OEM Gravely 04771200 52' Zero Turn...

Top Features

  • Ariens blades are made from durable steel and are precision-sharpened for a clean cut.
  • These replacement blades fit all Ariens 52″ zero turn lawn mowers.
  • The three-pack offers a great value and lets you keep your lawn mower in top condition.
  • These blades provide superior mulching and bagging performance.
  • They’re easy to install and remove.

Are you looking for a high-quality, durable lawn mower blade? That will last your lawnmower for many years to come! then look no further than the Ariens 3PK Genuine OEM Gravely 52″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower Blades. These blades are made from steel and have a black finish. So they’ll be able to withstand any weather or environment they may encounter. They also happen to be the perfect size for an Ariens model!

Ariens 52″ zero turn mower blades are made by Fisher-Barton Blades Inc for Ariens Co. These new OEM replacement blades fit Ariens IKON X, IKON XL, Gravely ZT X, Gravely ZT XL series zero turn mowers with a 52″ deck. The center hole size of these blades is 5/8 inch! Made from high-quality steel and hardened to last longer than the competition. They are also made to be lighter weight than other brands so your machine will run easier. The center hole size of these blades is 5/8 inch! Made from high-quality steel.


  • The blades are very high-quality blades and also well-balanced. 
  • Great blades for the price.
  • They will give you the same cutting vibes as the original blades.


  • It will not fix with all zero-turn mowers.
  • They’re not mulching blades.

3. Maxpower 561714B Mower Blades

MaxPower 561714B 2 Blade Mulching Set for 42' Cut...

Top Features

  • Maxpower 561714B blades are made in the USA for quality and performance
  • The blade length is 42 inches for a longer lifespan.
  • The 5 point star center hole provides a more stable cut.
  • The weight is 3.39 lbs. for easy maneuverability.
  • The blades are sharp and durable for a clean cut every time.

Mowing the lawn is a summertime task that we have to do. It’s a chore, but it does have its benefits. For example, when you mow the lawn you get some exercise and fresh air. Plus there’s something about having a cut lawn that feels good on your feet! What if I told you that not only can your mower blades help make this chore easier! But also they might also reduce how much time or effort it takes to complete? See our Maxpower 561714B Mower Blades post for more information on these durable blades and what makes them so great.

This Craftsman 42″ Cut Mower Blade is a high-quality replacement mower blade. It is made from durable steel and has 5 point star center hole. This blade fits most front-engine rider mowers with a 42″ deck. Including Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan models. It features 2 blades for a 42″ cut. The size of this item is 3 x 7 x 1 inches and it weighs approximately 3.39 pounds. The right mower blades will make all the difference when it comes to your lawn care routine. It’s important that you have high-quality blades on your riding mower or tractor.


  • Can handle sandy soil without excessive wear. 
  • It is able to cut the grass in a higher gear.
  • These high-quality blades give a perfect cut to the lawn and mulch very well.


  • They may not provide much in the way of lift, compared to other blades.

4. Maxpower 561811B 2 Set of 3-N-1 Blades

Maxpower 561811B 2 Set of 3-N-1 Blades for Many 42 in....

Top Features

  • The Maxpower 561811B is a set of 3-N-1 blades that are made in the USA.
  • The blades are weight 5.16 lbs and have a blade length of 42″.
  • The center hole is a 7 point star.
  • The blades are great for cutting through a variety of materials.
  • The blades are durable and long lasting.
  • The blades are perfect for both professional and DIY use.

It’s time to get out and enjoy the summer air with a nice walk in the park. Do you know what that means? Time for your lawn! The only problem is, you can’t cut it all by yourself because of some pesky high grass or obstacles. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Because Maxpower has just released their newest lawn mower blade set: 3-N-1 Blades! This new design will give you an extra sharp edge on thick grass. As well as clear through any obstacle with ease. So next time when you are enjoying a nice stroll in the park, make sure to stop by your local hardware store. And grab these blades so that there won’t be anything stopping you from having one.

The Maxpower 561811B is a set of two blades, one for 42″ John Deere mowers. The blades are made in the USA and are proudly made. Each blade measures 21-3/8″ Long by 2-3/4″ Wide. Each set includes two blades with 7 point star center holes that fit 42″ John Deere mowers. These replacement blades have a warranty against defects in material. And also workmanship from the date of purchase. Each blade is constructed with a high carbon steel alloy for added durability and strength. While the precision ground edge provides superior cutting performance and longer life. Includes an extra set of blades to rotate on your mower deck when needed. Saving you time and money in maintenance costs.


  • Works well on stumps too.
  • They are heavy-duty blades.
  • These blades are thick than others and efficient also.
  • Great value for the money.


  • You may find the blades too long.
  • Sometimes they can get clogged.

It is a great product, I like the fact that it has different cutting heights. It cuts very well, and it’s worth the money you spend on it. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a new blade for their lawnmower!

5. MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades

MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Mulching Mower Blade...

Top Features

  • MaxPower 331376XB blades are made from high quality American steel, ensuring durability and a long life.
  • At just 1.96 lbs., these blades are easy to maneuver and install.
  • With a blade length of 22″, these blades can handle even the largest lawns
  • The sharpened cutting edge on these blades provides a clean, even cut every time.
  • MaxPower blades are also reversible, so you get twice the use out of each one.

MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades are made with high-quality steel. And have a precision angle for cutting. These blades are designed to last up to 10 times longer than the average blade. It is making them great for commercial lawns. You will save money on fuel as well. Because these blades allow you to cut your grass at a lower height without sacrificing quality. If you want better results from your mowing business! Then invest in MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades today!

MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades are all proudly manufactured in the USA. At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our mower blades fit 22″ Cut Toro Recycler and are made from USA steel to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ specifications. This is not a cheap Chinese blade, it’s an American Made MaxPower product. MaxPower 331376XB Commercial Lawn Mower Blades are made from USA steel. It is to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ specifications. Fits 22″ Cut Toro Recycler. 1.96 pounds, 30-day limited warranty.


  • It makes you less bagging for the same amount of grass mowed.
  • This blade provides a much better lift for the clippings.
  • Cuts very smoothly.


  • They may require a little sharpening due to the factory paint on the edge.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Lawn Mower Blades

Lawn mower blades are a key component of any lawn care routine. They allow you to cut the grass and keep it looking fresh in your yard. But, what makes them so important? What should you be considering when buying new ones? This section will answer those questions for you.

So, what makes lawn mower blades so important? It all comes down to safety! When using a lawnmower blade that is dull or damaged, it can inflict harm on people and pets. Who are in contact with the ground surface around them. By purchasing quality blades and inspecting them before each use! This risk can be avoided completely!

1. Consider the material.

When you buy new blades for your lawn mower, be sure to think about the material of each blade. Is it plastic or steel? Steel is stronger but more expensive and heavier than a lighter-weight plastic variety. Be careful what kind you choose because if they’re not right then the performance may suffer! When buying Lawn Mower Blades one should take into account how strong are these blades going to need. It’s to be based on their workload before deciding which type will suit best.

2. Consider the blade length.

A great time to buy Lawn Mower Blades is before the start of Spring! Did you know that blade length can be a factor in your choice? When buying blades, consider how tall they are. The taller the person using them! And/or if their lawns have flowers or shrubs at ground level-the shorter your best bet might be. Flowers and shrubs will get cut too close to the surface with short blades. So always choose wisely when it comes to this decision!

3. Consider what you’ll be using it for.

Lawn Mower Blades come in all sizes, shapes, and variations. When choosing the right blade for you! Or your lawn’s needs there are a few important factors to keep in mind like what type of grass is grown on your property Will this as an edging tool or more often than not cutting long grasses without the precision required When looking at different types of blades available it becomes clear that they can range from being very thin but sharp. To thicker versions meant only for low cuts with less care. Which puts into how each row will look when finished. Because of these blades with power mowers. Who has longer rows which them to cut every other space rather than one after another?

4. Consider how easy it is to install or replace blades

Lawn Mower Blades can make the difference between a happy yard. and one that is full of rocks, sticks, leaves, or other garbage! Being forced to spend hours picking up your yard debris! All because you didn’t know how easy it was to change blades? No more! Learn about blade installation now. Did you buy new lawn mowers with no idea on how to install those troublesome blades yourself? You’re not alone! Many people are looking for cheap lawn care services these days. As they try to save time and money while maintaining their yards. The good news is: this process really isn’t hard at all. Once you have done it before so consider installing them next time if possible. Otherwise, we recommend hiring someone else who knows what they’re doing.

5. Don’t forget about the warranty!

A good lawnmower blade is as important to a yard’s health. And appearance, much like the wheels of your car is for driving. You wouldn’t want a flat tire or broken wheel in either situation. It could get you into some serious trouble with more severe consequences than wet grass! So before buying new blades, make sure that they’re covered by warranty. So when something does go wrong (which can happen!), you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses on top of all else. Before purchasing an expensive item such as Lawn Mowing Blades… Where there exist potential failure points due to wear and tear over time! Spend just enough time researching the warranties available prior date. You never know what will break down next.

6. Check out reviews before making a purchase decision.

Before I make any decision, there’s one thing I always do. Check the reviews! Lawn Mower Blades are no exception. And before you buy a set of these blades for your lawnmower you can check out what other people had to say about them. By looking at their ratings on Amazon. Or even reading some great customer feedback from websites like Consumer Reports. You’ve got to have an idea if they’re good enough quality for cutting through weed grass for hours every day. be worth your time as well as money spent so it saves me headaches later down the line when my blade is dull. Because all those weeds caused extensive damage. Which only cost more than buying new ones in the first place!

7. Consider how often you’ll need to sharpen or replace.

The first thing to consider before buying any lawn mower blade is how often you’ll need to sharpen or replace it. If your blades are going dull after a few hours of use! Then they may not be the right choice for you and could lead to major issues down the line. Consider what kind of material will work best with your garden bed type. Like if it’s dirt, sand, or clay as this can all have an effect on durability and performance too!

8. What kind of grass are you cutting

It’s important to know what kind of grass you’re cutting before purchasing a new blade. Different blades for different types of lawn. So if your yard is covered in high thatch and twigs then opt for the most aggressive type available-a durable metal mulching! Or twin wire cutter with thick aluminum teeth may do the trick! If instead you have more delicate clovers and wildflowers on your property… Then maybe something softer like an anti-scalping blade would work best.

9. Budget – what can you afford to spend on new blades

Mowing your lawn is an overwhelming task. But before you can even get started with the chore! You have to consider where your budget will allow for new blades. There are plenty of options and different brands on the market. So it’ll be best that if possible test some out first by borrowing a friend’s or neighbor’s blade set up. Until you find one in particular that works well.

The research goes both ways when buying something as important as Lawn Mower Blades. Do not make hasty decisions without considering all aspects. Beforehand such as cost-what kind of money should I spend? What does my current financial situation permit me at this time?

10. Durability – how long should the blade last

A lawn mower blade should last for more than a year. Choosing the right one is important to avoid having to replace it too often. And spending money on buying new ones all of the time.

Is your yard usually covered in the grass? If so, then you need an adjustable 450mm steel blade that can get through any type of terrain. Without breaking apart or bending out of shape at its weakest points. Namely, where they attach either end-to-end or face-to-face with other blades next door. Around holes like rocks and tree stumps! Under low hanging branches from trees (some are as thick as someone’s arm).

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

There are many different lawn mower blades on the market. You can choose from a variety of materials that range from steel to ceramic. And you can purchase them in either double edge or single edge versions. To help you determine which blade is best for your needs! We have created this FAQ and answer guide to provide some guidance!

When is it time to change lawn mower blades?

The blades on your lawn mower get dull over time and should be replaced periodically. How do you know when to change the blade? The most telling sign of a worn-out blade is if it starts leaving grass clippings behind. Or not cutting as evenly because newly grown parts will always catch up with older ones! Less vigorous ones eventually. Another way to determine how long they’ve been in use is by counting off ten runs across your yard. That’s about an hour for one side! If yours are getting close, then it’s probably best just to go ahead. And replace them before their condition worsens any further.

What’s the difference between Standard Mower Blades and Mulching Blades?

There are many different types of mower blades. Standard lawnmower blades cut grass in a linear pattern. Whereas mulching blades break up the clippings. And disperse them more evenly back onto your yard for natural fertilization.

Standard mowers get caught with high-growing weeds like dandelions. Which require regular trimming or manual removal by hand. Because they can’t be completely trimmed off at ground level. If you have any type of surface that is uneven it’s likely going to result in some areas not being properly clipped. While others will receive too much cutting time. So there might still be patches where the growth has gone unchecked. Even after multiple hours spent outside doing landscaping work. Mulchers ensure all this extra effort.

Why It’s Important to Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades?

It is important to maintain your lawn mower blades and keep them sharp. So you don’t have any accidents that could lead to serious injuries. For example, if one of the pieces on a blade becomes lost! It can fly off when moving through thick grasses or twigs while cutting. The piece might end up hitting someone in the head which would cause severe injury. And possibly even death! So it’s always wise for people who are responsible for maintaining their own property. As many homeowners do. To invest in some tools they need such as sharpeners with care instructions. Because safety should be a priority numero uno.

How often should I sharpen my lawn mower blades?

A good rule of thumb is to sharpen your blades at least once a year, and more often if you mow professionally. The most important thing when trying to determine how long it can go without sharpening. It is the height of the grass that will be cut by this blade. If your lawn has not been trimmed in a while! Or was recently fertilized with compost! then wait until either one before proceeding with sharpening as well!

How to Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades?

To sharpen your lawn mower blades, sandpaper is the recommended method. To do this correctly you’ll need to have a metal file and some 80-grit or finer sandpaper available for use. You’re going to want an old towel handy too. Because there will be sparks generated from the filing process! Make sure that all of these materials are within easy reach before proceeding. Sharpening your lawnmower’s blade! So as not to interrupt any progress made during the job at hand. It’s important when using a file on steel that it should only go in one direction rather than back. And forth like most people would assume while replacing their kitchen knife set. Otherwise, you risk weakening its strength significantly. Which can cause breakage down the line.

How often to replace mower blades on a commercial mower?

Mowing blades are one of the most important parts to consider when maintaining a commercial mower. How often should you replace them? That depends on how many hours your machine runs. As well as whether or not it is used for cutting grass exclusively. Or if other materials like leaves are also cut through its blade system.

Mowers come with lifetime warranties these days that require little maintenance. From owners who choose this type and frequency of replacement will depend largely upon what kind of work they do in terms of lawn care services. Such as manicuring residential yards versus running a landscaping business. Which might involve more frequent cuts through thick brush to clear pathways among trees. Along curbside lots where hedges and shrubs have been planted

Are Gator Blades worth it?

The Gator Blades are a relatively new, innovative product with the potential to change how we prepare food. They’re based on patented blade technology. And can be used as knives or blades for cutting meat or vegetables while they cook in their own juices! All of this adds up to less slicing/cutting prep time. Which means more enjoyable mealtime moments with loved ones.

Are you tired of spending hours prepping dishes? Does your knife act like it has an agenda (and not yours)? Then do yourself a favor: get some Gator Blades today.”


The best lawn mower blades of 2021 are important to keep your yard looking great. Whether you’re cutting grass for a small or large area! These five options will make the job easier for you. And last longer than other models we’ve seen in stores recently. If you need help finding the right blade for your specific needs, our team is always here with answers! We want to give back by making sure that every customer has all the information they need before buying their next set of quality blades. Which option would be perfect for what you’re trying to do? Let us know so we can match it up perfectly with your budget too!

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