The 10 Best Lawn Mower Battery For The Money In 2022

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Do you want to know the best lawn mower battery reviews for your needs? Are you looking for a reliable and affordable power supply? You’re in luck. We have compiled all of the information that you need to know about this product. Read on to find out more.

The following article will cover everything from selecting the right type of battery, how it works, what brand is best, how much time a single charge can afford, and why buying online is advantageous. This should be helpful for people who are just starting their search for a new lawnmower or people who help maintain multiple properties with different types of grasses and landscaping styles. If you have tall grass/overgrown grass, it would be easy to clean them with a lawnmower.  you know, Lawn Mowers are kinda similar to lawn tractors. It has a wide range of garden tools and equipment for you to peruse if you want to groom your lawn.

Comparison of Best Lawn Mower Battery

This blog post compares the top 10 best lawn mower battery reviews in 2021. The first thing you should consider is capacity, which will determine how long your lawn gets cut before needing to recharge. & how many charge times it needs! We also looked at weight, height adjustments, amp-hours, and voltage when making this list.

Energizer TX20HL

Energizer TX20HL AGM Motorcycle and Atv 12V Battery,...

➤ Voltage 12 Volts.
➤ Lead Acid Cell.
➤ 310 CCA.
➤ Spill-Proof.

Deep Cycle SLA

Chrome Battery 12V 35AH SLA Rechargeable Replacement...

➤ Voltage 12 Volts.
➤ Sealed Lead Acid Cell.
➤ 262 CCA.
➤ Spill-proof battery.

Weize 12V 100AH

Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery for...

➤ Voltage 12 Volts.
➤ Sealed Lead Acid Cell.
➤ 725 CCA.
➤ Solar panel systems.

Top 10 Best Lawn Mower Battery Reviews

We all know that the summer is on its way and it’s time to start thinking about your lawn. The first step in maintaining a beautiful yard is to purchase a new battery for your mower. When you’re looking for one, there are many things you need to consider such as price, charger type, power source, and more. We’ve made this list of the top 10 best lawn mower batteries out there so you can find what will work best for you!

Best Lawn Mower Battery To Buy

The best lawn mower battery to buy is one that will provide plenty of power while also being easy to maintain. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for you. The following are the most popular lawn mower batteries and their respective features.

1. Antigravity ATX12-HD Heavy Duty Lawn Mower Battery

Antigravity Batteries are becoming increasingly popular for powering devices that require a lot of power, like lawn mowers. The ATX12-HD is one of the most powerful antigravity batteries currently available, and it’s perfect for users who need a lot of power and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of charging their battery every time they use their lawn mower.

Antigravity ATX12-HD. Heavy Duty Lithium Motorcycle and...

Top Features

  • The Antigravity ATX12-HD battery is perfect for those who need a durable, high-powered battery.
  • This 12.8 volt, lithium-ion battery offers ultimate protection with a battery management system (BMS) and accurate and easy fitment.
  • It also has a maximum speed charging capability, so you can get back to mowing as quickly as possible.
  • The ATX12-HD is ideal for those who need a powerful battery that is also easy to use.
  • Its long life and durability make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a lawn mower that just keeps going and going.

Advantage And Drawback

  • Longer battery life.
  • Superior performance.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Requires Maintenance.
  • Heavier Weight.

2. ML-U1-CCAHR Mighty Max Battery

The Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR is a sealed lead-acid battery that comes with mounting accessories. It is ideal for powering automotive, marine, and recreational vehicle applications. This 12V SLA battery has a capacity of 320 CCA and can be recharged up to 500 times. And a single charge lasts long.

It features an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) design that offers superior performance in high vibration environments and extended service life. The Mighty Max Battery ML-U1-CCAHR also provides excellent resistance to shock and vibration, making it suitable for running power tools like cordless models Lawn Mower.

ML-U1-CCAHR 12V U1 320CCA Battery with NB Terminal

Top Features

  • The Mighty Max Battery is a 12-volt battery that is perfect for lawn mowers.
  • The battery has 320 cranking amps and is perfect for those who need a reliable battery.
  • The battery is sealed with lead acid and includes mounting accessories.
  • This battery is perfect for those who need a durable, reliable battery for their lawn mower.
  • The battery is rechargeable and includes a warranty.


  • Easy to install.
  • It is a powerful battery. (12-volt SLA batteries)
  • Excellent battery for the money.
  • Lots of crank power.
  • Overgrown grass can be easily removed.


  • Plastic Shell.
  • Charge the battery when it came.
  • The packaging is not very good.

Best Lawn Mower Battery For The Money

Many people are unsure of what battery to buy for their lawn mower. Some people believe that the older the lawn mower, the better the battery it will have. However, this is not always true. Today’s batteries have improved so much that even older lawn mowers can use a good battery. In fact, there are some great lawn mower batteries on the market that are designed specifically for older machines.

3. Mighty Max Battery for Toro Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a powerful battery to power your Toro lawn mower, you’ll want to consider the mighty Max battery. This battery is designed to provide plenty of power for your machine, and it can handle tough jobs with ease. Plus, the Max battery is built to last, so you can be sure that it will provide years of reliable service.

ML3-12 Replacement for Toro Lawn Mower # 106-8397...

Top Features

  • This Mighty Max Battery is rechargeable and perfect for Toro Lawn Mowers.
  • This 12-volt battery is a sealed lead-acid battery and has a capacity of 0.8 amp-hours.
  • You can use this battery for power tools, emergency lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, and more!
  • The dimensions of this battery are 5.28 inches x 2.64 inches x 2.64 inches.
  • This Mighty Max Battery comes with a warranty.

Advantage And Drawback

  • Mighty Max Battery is Environmentally Friendly.
  • Mighty Max Battery is Durable.
  • Mighty Max Battery is Affordable.
  • Mighty Max Battery is not compatible with all Toro lawn mowers.
  • Mighty Max Battery is not a genuine Toro battery.

4. Energizer TX20HL Battery For Lawn Mower

The Energizer TX20HL is a 12 volt, 310 CCA battery designed for use in riding mowers and other lawn equipment. The battery features vibration-resistant construction to maintain performance over time and a spill-proof construction that allows you to transport the battery without the worry of spills or leaks damaging the equipment. The Energizer TX20HL also features an easy-to-read level indicator window so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge your lawn mower battery.

Energizer TX20HL AGM Motorcycle and Atv 12V Battery,...

Top Features

  • The Energizer TX20HL Lawn Mower Battery is perfect for those who have a gas-powered lawn mower.
  • This battery has a voltage of 12 volts and a lead-acid cell.
  • It also has a 310 CCA, which will help to start your lawn mower quickly.
  • The spill-proof design helps to protect the battery from any type of accident.
  • The TX20HL Lawn Mower Battery comes with a warranty.
  • You can depend on this battery to help you get the job done, whether it’s mowing your lawn or powering another device.


  • Heavy Duty Battery.
  • Vibration Resistant.
  • Safe And Reliable.
  • No topping off necessary
  • Easy to install.
  • Wet grass can be easily removed.


  • Packaging Is Not Well.

Best Riding Lawn Mower Battery

Going to talk about Best Riding Lawn Mower Battery. A lot of people are unsure of what type of battery they need for their riding lawn mower. Some people think that a 6-volt battery is the best option, while others believe that a 12-volt battery is necessary. However, the truth is that there isn’t really a definitive answer when it comes to which battery is best for your riding lawn mower. 

Typically, the size of the battery will determine how often you’ll have to charge it. A 6-volt battery will typically last around 5 hours before needing to be recharged, while a 12-volt battery will typically last around 10 hours before needing to be recharged. Additionally, different riding lawn mowers require different types and sizes of batteries.

5. Chrome Battery Rechargeable Replacement Battery for Lawn Mower

When it comes to choosing the best lawn mower battery, you want something that will last, isn’t too heavy, and fits easily into your vehicle. Many people are turning to rechargeable batteries for their lawn mowers these days, and there are several good options to choose from. Here are three of the best: 

The option is a Chrome battery replacement battery. These batteries are designed specifically for lawn mowers, and they offer a longer life than standard batteries. They’re also easier to install because they usually come with a mounting bracket. The downside is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than standard batteries. 

Chrome Battery 12V 35AH SLA Rechargeable Replacement...

Top Features

  • Chrome Battery’s 12V Rechargeable Replacement Lawn Mower Battery is perfect for replacing a damaged or dead battery.
  • This replacement battery is a sealed lead-acid cell and has 262 CCA.
  • It is spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about any accidental leaks.
  • This battery is also rechargeable, so you can use it over and over again.
  • It is durable and long-lasting, so you can get the most out of your lawn mower.
  • This battery also meets or exceeds OEM specifications.


  • Good for larger engines.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Perfect fit and replacement.
  • The mower starts just like new.
  • Powerful


  • Not a returnable item.
  • Heavy.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Battery

Today, we are going to talk about the best self-propelled lawn mower battery. This is a very important topic because not all lawn mowers require a battery. So, it’s good to know which ones do before you buy one. Luckily, there are many good lawn mowers with batteries that are easy to use and don’t require special care.

6. UpStart Battery Replacement for Neuton Mower

If your Neuton mower is having battery problems, UpStart has the replacement battery for you! UpStart batteries are made with the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your original Neuton battery’s specifications. With UpStart’s easy online ordering system, you’ll be up and running in no time!

2X Pack UpStart Battery Replacement for Neuton Mowers...

Top Features

  • This UpStart Battery replacement for the Neuton Mower is a 12-volt battery that is made with lead-acid battery cells.
  • This battery is perfect for those who have a Neuton Mower and are looking for a replacement battery.
  • We have a team of experts available 24/7 to help you with any questions or problems you may have.
  • Our batteries are shipped fully charged and ready to use.
  • UpStart batteries are made with lead-acid battery cells, just like your car battery.
  • This battery is made to last and is perfect for those who are looking for a durable battery.

Advantage And Drawback

  • UpStart Battery is Environmentally Friendly.
  • UpStart Battery is User-Friendly.
  • UpStart Battery is Affordable.
  • More work to replace the battery.
  • UpStart Battery Replacement may be difficult to install.

7. Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery

The Weize Deep Cycle Battery has an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) design that provides excellent performance. The AGM separator allows for greater absorption of electrolytes, which prevents the deterioration of battery performance during periods of low usage.

This is a 12 Volt 100 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Solar Panel Battery.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with a cordless lawn mower or other electrical systems where deep cycle batteries are required.

This battery can be mounted in any position and will not spill or leak acid even if it is broken open.

Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery for...

Top Features

  • Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery is perfect for solar panel systems.
  • This battery has a voltage of 12 volts and a capacity of 100 amp-hours.
  • Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery is made with lead-acid cells that are sealed and have a valve-regulated design.
  • This battery has a cold-cranking amp of 725.
  • Weize 12V 100AH Deep Cycle AGM SLA VRLA Battery is a great choice for renewable energy applications.


  • Best Price
  • Excellent packaging.
  • Heavy but powerful.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Quick delivery


  • Not included wire harness or mounting.

Best Cordless Lawn Mower Battery

When it comes to buying the best cordless lawn mower battery, there are a few things to consider. The first is the battery type. There are two main types of batteries: nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion.

Lithium-ion batteries are generally considered to be the better option because they last longer and have more power.

The second thing to consider is how often you plan on using your lawn mower. If you only need it for occasional use, a smaller battery will work just fine.

However, if you plan on using your lawn mower frequently, a bigger battery will be better. The size of the battery also affects the price. Larger batteries tend to cost more than smaller batteries. 

Finally, consider how easy it is to charge the battery. If the charging system is easy to use, that’s a plus.

8. UpStart Battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Lead acid batteries have been around for a long time and are still widely used. They are usually very reliable and last a long time. One downside is that they can be heavy and bulky, which can make them difficult to carry around. UpStart Battery has developed a new type of sealed lead-acid battery that is much lighter and easier to carry around.

Replacement for B & B Battery BP3-12 Battery -...

Top Features

  • UpStart Battery’s 12 volt, 7 amp-hour SLA battery is perfect for a wide range of applications.
  • This rechargeable sealed lead acid battery can be used in a number of devices such as UPS systems, medical equipment, scooters, lawn mower, and golf carts.
  • The high quality and reliability of this battery make it a great choice for backup power or everyday use.
  • With its spill-proof and leak-proof design, this battery is safe to use indoors or outdoors.
  • This battery is easy to maintain and can be quickly and easily recharged.

Advantage And Drawback

  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Safer than other battery types.
  • Heavier than other battery types.
  • More expensive than other battery types.

9. Caltric AGM Battery Compatible with John Deere

John Deere offers a wide variety of power tools and equipment, so it is important to find the right battery for your equipment. Caltric AGM batteries are compatible with John Deere machines, so you can get the power you need without having to worry about compatibility issues. These batteries are also some of the most reliable on the market, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that will last.

Caltric AGM Battery Compatible with John Deere D100...

Top Features

  • Caltric AGM batteries are maintenance-free and do not require water – perfect for those who don’t have the time or inclination to maintain their battery!
  • These batteries are designed for use with John Deere vehicles and have a voltage of 12 volts.
  • They are made of sealed lead acid and AGM, making them durable and long-lasting.
  • These batteries are also recyclable, so you can feel good about using them knowing that they won’t end up in a landfill.
  • Caltric AGM batteries come with a warranty.

Advantage And Drawback

  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration.
  • Longer life than lead-acid batteries.
  • Much lighter than lead-acid batteries.
  • Must be Fully Charged Before Use.
  • Susceptible to Thermal Runaway.

Best Quality Lawn Mower Battery

People usually opt for lawn mowers that are powered by petrol or diesel engines. But, what if you want to try out an electric lawn mower?  Electric lawnmowers have become increasingly popular in recent years because they offer a number of benefits over traditional lawnmowers. The best quality electric lawnmowers use high-quality batteries that can last for many hours without needing to be recharged.

10. Mighty Max 12V 35Ah Gel Battery

The Mighty Max Battery is a 12V 35AH GEL battery that is designed to be used for vehicles, boats, mowers, lawnmowers, and other applications that require an AGM battery. This battery has a long life cycle and can be stored for up to 2 years without losing its charge. The Mighty Max battery comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
This product is made by the same manufacturer as the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

12V 35Ah Gel Battery Replacement for John Deere 425...

Top Features

  • The Mighty Max 12V 35Ah Gel Battery is perfect for lawn mowers, with a voltage of 12 volts and 254 CCA.
  • It doesn’t require an acid pack, making it easy to install, and it also comes with mounting accessories that don’t include screws or bolts.
  • This battery is reliable and long-lasting, perfect for those who want a dependable product.
  • It’s also environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t contain any acid.
  • The Mighty Max 12V 35Ah Gel Battery is a great value for the price, and it’s backed by a warranty.


  • Rechargeable maintenance-free battery.
  • Resists shocks and vibration.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • No addition of water
  • Suitable for Multipurpose.
  • Cheap.


  • Limited warranty Only.

Best Lawn Mower Battery Brand

  • Caltric
  • UpStart Battery
  • Weize
  • Chrome Battery
  • Energizer
  • Antigravity

How to Replace a Lawn Mower Battery

The Best Way to Choose a Lawnmower Battery

In the mowing seasons, a lawn mower is an essential tool for the maintenance of your lawn. Do you need to replace its battery? As there are various kinds of land mowers available. Such as electric lawn mowers, gas mowers, self-propelled mowers. For it to work in the best conditions, you need the right battery for the type of lawn mower you have. To choose the right one, you must be based on several important criteria, including the type of your mower.

Battery for Riding Mower

We often tend to neglect the lawn mower battery, yet it plays a fundamental role in its operation, especially when starting. When signs alerting the lack of battery power appear, it is essential to think about replacing it. You might find various brands of riding mower batteries to suit your needs. High-end, high-performance batteries at affordable prices are at your disposal. Consider the voltage, battery run times, amperage, and type of battery in question. If you buy online, be aware that the weight of the battery in your riding mower can influence the price.

Battery for Cordless Mowers

To boost the potential of your cordless mower, it needs a powerful and suitable battery. The battery must be powerful with sufficient autonomy for unconstrained use. To preserve your cordless mower, opt for manufacturer batteries because they are more resistant and adapt perfectly to your device. Adaptable batteries can be more affordable but less durable. The choice of battery is decisive for the longevity of your mower so do not neglect this step.

Battery for Robotic Lawnmower

To free yourself from this chore which can take time, you have equipped yourself with a robot lawnmower? You can say, A robotic mower is a lifesaver! You will therefore not be there to manage its operation, which is why having a powerful battery with an autonomy of several hours is necessary for the mowing of your lawn to be completed. Robotic mowers need a powerful battery.

To make the right choice for robotic lawnmowers, pay attention to battery life and power. You might even get a spare battery for convenient use.

What is a Lawn Mower Battery?

The lawn mower battery is a device used to start your electric mower. It is often found under the hood next to the engine. Its performance depends on its quality. The more powerful and suitable it is for your lawn mower, the better it will start it. The lawn mower battery usually does an excellent start. You can therefore effectively mow your garden.

How do I know when to replace my mower battery?

Before being unusable, a used battery shows various signs of weakness. Before the failure, the battery seems to lack power. This should alarm you, especially when the mower stops chronically. The reasons for the failure can be varied: lack of maintenance, wear, incident … A battery of poor quality or unsuitable for your mower can also prove to be less effective in the long term. Better to invest in a new battery, matching your lawn mower. This will prevent you from having to change the battery frequently, which can be more expensive than having a suitable battery first.

Which Battery for My Lawn Mower?

Do you need to change the battery in your lawn mower/ cordless lawn mower? For this, you must know its technical characteristics as well as the model of your agricultural machine.

If the battery you want to replace has little power or runs out quickly, we can choose a battery with a higher voltage and amperage. Check the user manual to make sure it is compatible.

The battery of the lawn mower 12 V 28Ah Universal, allows a starting and a range of traction. You can mow your lawn optimally.

All new batteries have a technical sheet indicating the model or part number of compatible mowers. Remember, this is an innovative area. Thus, the type or shape of the connection may have changed if your mower is older.

Finally, although you have the choice between several batteries, we recommend that you opt for a battery with a minimum current of 12 Ah and a voltage of 12 or 24 volts. The standard battery of a mower has a voltage of 12 V, sufficient for long-term use.

Battery Capacity and Intensity

The capacity and the intensity are expressed in Amperes (Ah) in Volt (V). They directly influence the power and the battery life.

The intensity of a battery indicates a higher or lower voltage. Thus, a 54 V battery will be much more powerful than an 18 V or 36 V battery. Note, however, that the battery of a riding mower does not require too much voltage. Indeed, cutting the lawn is a little difficult work and not very consuming, much less than a machine used to cut trunks or branches, for example.

The amperage will allow us to use the battery for a longer or shorter time. It is also linked to the power required to perform any type of gardening work. Those who need more power will use a lower amperage battery earlier.

Considering all this, we can say that the duration of a battery depends on:

  • The voltage (measured in volts) that the mower consumes.
  • The current capacity required by the tool (measured in Amps).
  • The type of task to be performed.

The Different Types of Batteries

In recent years, the different types of batteries have evolved considerably. We can distinguish :

  • lead-acid batteries can be opened with electrolytes of sulfuric acid diluted with distilled water or closed with a gel electrolyte. The second is easier to maintain and handle and is much more stable. But they are obviously more expensive.
  • NiMH nickel batteries appeared after NiCd with high energy density. However, they are of low capacity.
  • Lithium batteries of which there are three types including lithium-metal, lithium-polymer and lithium-ion. The latter is the most stable with the highest energy density on the market. They are especially suitable for robot mowers for optimal autonomy. Among them, Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular. Some studies said that lithium-ion batteries last longer than others.

To conclude, the choice of battery for your lawn mower is therefore essential to guarantee its longevity and performance.

Purchase Criteria for Lawn Mower Battery

Purchasing a lawn mower is not an easy decision, especially when you have to factor in things like the type of blades it has! If it has a single blade or spinning blades, and whether or not they are durable.  But before we get into that, let’s talk about what makes batteries so darn important! With all those big machines out there today with computers telling them how fast and hard to work–which can consume up as much power as some small towns–batteries ensure everything runs smoothly by giving the machine enough juice. That means if your blade isn’t sharp enough because it needs more fuel (aka gas) then one way of getting around this problem would be finding better quality batteries:

The right size and the right type

When purchasing a battery for your riding lawn mower or lawn mower, it is important to make sure that the battery is suitable for your equipment. This applies to the physical size of the battery as well as its specifications. Consult your mower’s owner’s manual to find out which batteries are recommended by the manufacturer. The size indicates whether the dimensions of a battery are suitable for installation in your mower.

In general, lawn mowers require 12 V batteries. However, car batteries are not suitable. The capacity here should be 30 Ah maximum. Often motorcycle batteries are also offered as lawn mower batteries. As long as they match the specifications of your equipment they can be used, if you have a motor wheelbarrow you can also check if the battery is compatible. Recreational batteries for jet skis, small boats, and the like may also be suitable.

However, there are also batteries specifically designed for lawn mowers and riding mowers. They are characterized by high starting power, are protected against vibrations, and do not leak. If possible, you should give preference to these batteries.

Cold start current

The cold start current or the cold test current is decisive for good starting ability. This is the current that a battery can deliver at a temperature of -17.8 ° C for 30 seconds until its voltage finally drops to an unusable level. The higher the cold test current of a battery, the easier your mower will start. The cold test current is given in A.

The capacity

The capacity of the batteries suitable for lawn mowers and ride-on mowers is approximately between 9 Ah and 30 Ah. Larger capacity batteries usually require too much space to fit into a lawn mower. In general, the required capacity depends on the engine power, the type of fuel, and the electric consumption of the vehicle. Check your mower’s owner’s manual to find out what the manufacturer’s recommended capacity is.


In the meantime, you have the choice between different technologies. In addition to the classic lead-acid battery, there are lead-acid batteries (AGM) and lead-gel batteries. All types have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose a type of battery that matches your needs.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lawn Mower Batteries

Batteries that are suitable for riding mowers but also for lawn mowers have advantages and disadvantages. We will analyze this in detail.


Buying a lawn mower battery can be tough work. There are so many options and it’s hard to know what will suit your needs the best. Fortunately, there is one type that always stands out as being perfect for everyone: power wheels batteries! They come in all shapes and sizes from 12-volt up to 36-volt models with varying amp-hours rated at 10 or 20 amps per hour depending on how long you want them last before needing recharged again—it really just depends on your yard size. The benefits of Power Wheels Batteries include high-quality materials designed by professionals which provide peace of mind against overheating safety performance standards while also giving superior starting power over any other model available today!

Easy to start

With an electric start system, starting your mower is a snap. Just like with a car, all you have to do is put the key in the ignition and turn it. The starter battery starts the engine.

Mow lawns in summer, remove snow in winter

With the right battery, your lawn mower can be used in all weather conditions. A high-quality battery ensures the engine starts in both arctic cold and summer heat. This is especially useful for equipment that can be used for snow removal during the winter.

Many lawn mowers can be fitted with a snow blade and thus can be used for snow removal. Snow blade is kinda different from spinning/ single blade. The right battery can be used all year round without a problem.

Modern batteries are durable

Over time, a wide variety of technologies have been developed for batteries. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right product for your lawn mower. Now there are maintenance-free batteries that you don’t need to recharge. You can buy batteries for the warm season as well as variants that are also suitable for winter. With the right choice, you can enjoy your battery for a long time.

The inconvenience

As a professional, I know that many people are interested in the disadvantages of Lawn Mower batteries. This article will list some current concerns about them to help those who want more information on this topic feel better informed and well-rounded when discussing it with others.

Service, maintenance, and testing required

The insufficient charge can shorten the battery life. It is therefore important to check the charge level and recharge the battery in time. A state-of-charge indicator can help you detect low charges in time.

Even though the battery is absolutely maintenance-free, there is still a certain amount of work to be done. Depending on the type of battery, the electrolyte should be checked and topped up with distilled water if necessary.

Deep discharge damages the battery

A faulty charger, a short circuit, long periods of inactivity, a faulty alternator and a host of other causes can lead to the almost total depletion of battery capacity. Lead-acid starter batteries are very sensitive in this regard. The constant deep discharge exerts excessive stress on the active mass of the positive plates. This can cause irreversible damage.

What is the Role of the Battery in the Lawn Mower?

As with a car, the starter battery of a lawn mower or ride-on mower provides the energy needed to start the engine. If the mower has an emergency light, this is powered by the battery when the engine is not running. When the engine is running, the alternator takes over the power supply and recharges the battery.

On most lawn mowers, the engine is equipped with an alternator which is responsible for charging the battery. Over time, the battery will weaken and should be replaced. However, there are times when the alternator is to blame when there are starting problems.

How to choose the best Mower Battery?

A better battery for a lawn mower must meet certain criteria. Because lawn tractor batteries are the most important thing to maintain your tractor. Indeed, to make a good choice, it is necessary to know the intensity and the voltage required for your battery. But whatever the engine model, consider buying a mower mower battery with a voltage of 12V. If you can’t find one, a 6V battery will be perfect. But in this case, the two 6V devices will have to be combined and connected in series. The intensity will depend on your needs and the time of use of the mower. The size is still an important parameter to take into account.

How to assemble and disassemble a lawn mower battery?

Once the choice is made, you must now remove the old battery to place the new one. This maneuver does not necessarily require the use of a technician. With a little care and prevention, you will be able to assemble your mower mower battery. Before anything else, you should get rid of any object that can conduct current to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Next, shut down the circuit and attempt to remove the battery terminals, negative terminal first. Remove the battery from its tray, taking care to put it out of harm’s way to children. Finally, put the new one in its place, then connect the terminals, this time, the positive terminal first.

Battery Maintenance for Lawn Mower

If you want to optimize the durability of your mower battery, you will need to maintain it rigorously. During periods of low temperatures, equipment must be sheltered. The ideal would be to disconnect the mower mower battery each time you finish mowing. Recharge it from time to time so that it can keep the same level of performance. When the mower is inactive, it is best to take the opportunity to charge the battery. Get a powerful charger to charge it regularly.


Is the battery of my Lawn Mower dead?

If you have a battery model lawn mower, connect the battery to a charger. And If it does not fully charge within eight hours, its lifespan is over and it should be replaced. If the battery charges fully but quickly lose its charge when not in use, it should also be replaced. When in doubt, a multimeter can help you determine if the battery is really losing power.

How to test the alternator of my riding mower?

Does your battery keep its charge while testing with the multimeter, but you still have starting problems? Then the alternator is probably broken. If your mower has headlights, turn them on with the engine running, then turn off the engine. If the lights dim, the alternator is working.

How to Check the Charge level of Lawn Mower Battery?

Battery mowers need to check the charge level regularly. Regular and sufficient charging contributes significantly to long service life. Avoid battery voltage drop and especially deep discharge by recharging the battery in time. Regular testing will help you detect a weak battery before a deep discharge occurs. Batteries with a charge level indicator are particularly useful in this case. If your battery does not have this asset, you can determine the state of charge using a multimeter.

How do I Know if my Current Battery is Bad?

If your batteries are not holding a charge or are discharging quicker than they used to then it’s time to replace them. When this happens you should consider replacing your old batteries with new ones.

Can I Clean my Riding Lawn mower battery?

In battery-powered models, lawn tractor batteries should clean if needed. If dirt and moisture get onto the battery terminals, it can promote leakage currents. Therefore, carefully clean the terminals and connections when installing the battery. In this way, you prevent corrosion of the contacts and improve load absorption as well as cold-starting ability. You can also lubricate the terminals with terminal grease.

Things to Know about Using a Lawn Mower & Lawn Mowers Battery

  • You have to be very careful about your lawn tractor batteries. There is a risk of it being completely unloaded by staying connected to the tractor or even freezing. For this reason, it is recommended to disconnect the battery, to prevent any element from draining current from ending up draining it. This is how lawn tractor batteries last long.
  • We are sad to say that we speak from experience about the dangers of corded lawn mowers. There’s nothing like accidentally bending the power cord and hearing it cut abruptly to ruin a sunny day in the garden.
  • Fortunately, you can avoid that risk entirely by choosing a cordless lawn mower, going wireless in the same way that we have done in many other walks of life. A cordless lawn mower is a lifesaver. But if you have a low budget, you should go for corded mowers. Because cordless lawn mowers’ price is higher than corded mowers. & if you have a small area to maintain, you can go for Gas mowers also. But cordless models are highly recommended if you can afford them..
  • The electric lawn mower’s power can be decreased when the battery becomes weak or begins to run out. So, don’t forget to recharge it regularly.
  • The robotic lawn mowers work well to handle thick, tall grass. Some studies said that Battery-powered mowers/Cordless Lawn Mower/ are best for tall grass or overgrown grass.
  • The blade speed of the mower can be dangerous. Be careful.
  • Lawn tractor owners should know about all the little things to maintain the tractor & lawn tractor batteries.


At the end of this review, you should know what battery is best for your needs. We suggest Energizer TX20HL as it has high quality and a long life span. If these reviews have been helpful to you in any way, please share them with others who may be considering buying the best lawn mower battery.

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