10 Beginner Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Today I am going to talk to you about Beginner Gardening Mistakes. It was difficult for me to avoid them and I admit that I still commit some.

Many start gardening as a hobby. We have basic notions about the life cycle of plants. And we want to surround ourselves with them and watch them grow and flourish. We approach the nursery without having very clear ideas, but with the intention of looking for beautiful plants to compose our garden. We have not studied landscape design or botany. But we have good taste and we feel capable of doing something beautiful. I am convinced that anyone can achieve a beautiful garden. But there are certain mistakes that we usually make basic and we must avoid as soon as possible! 

Beginner Gardening Mistakes-

Creating your own garden can seem like a large-scale project, especially if this is your first time doing it. However, if you pay attention to the following tips on what to do and what not to do, you will find that with a few simple “line rules” you can become the expert gardener in your neighborhood. Let’s know about 10 Beginner Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them.

1.- Choose Plants Only For Their Flowers-

The flowers are very pretty, but they don’t last all year. How will the garden look when there are no flowers? Include plants with bold textures and leaves to make the garden interesting when the flowers are gone. Coleus, agaves, grasses, plectranthus, teucrium, etc. There are many herbs and shrubs that compensate for the absence of flowers with the color and shape of their leaves.

2.- Buy Weak, Diseased, Or Infected Plants-

Never buy plants that look sick. Not only do you risk losing the money you spend on them, but you risk infecting your entire garden. Reject those with brown, yellow, withered leaves or if you detect any insects (spiders, caterpillars, etc). Choose plants with smooth, green, and shiny foliage. It is a sign of healthy plants.

3.- Buy Plants With A Poor Root System

We do not see it. It is enclosed within the pot and goes unnoticed. But the root is a structure of vital importance for the plant because, in addition to serving as a support, it provides it with food. It is important that the root system of the plant is in perfect condition and it is worth taking a look when buying the plant.

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4.- Choose The Plants With All Open Flowers-

Plants with many flowers tempt us more than those with few, it is logical, they are more striking. When choosing a plant, think that if it already has all the flowers open, when you transplant it into your garden you will enjoy them less time than if you choose another specimen full of buds that will open in your garden.

5.- Do Not Read The Levels-

Not all nurseries properly label the plants they have for sale. But if there is a label, be sure to read the instructions carefully. It will give you information about what that plant needs. The right location, the amount of water it requires, the flowering time. They are very useful and it is important to read them.

6.- Not Knowing The Dimensions Of Your Garden-

How to calculate the number of plants you need if you don’t know what the area where you are going to put the plants measures? You must know the measurements of your garden, based on those measurements and the size of the adult plants, you can calculate the number of specimens you need.

7.- Not Thinking About The Color Scheme-

I am not going to go into the detail of which color schemes are good or which are not. The combinations are decided by each gardener because the color is something very personal. What I want to highlight is that you do not go shopping haphazardly and think about what colors you like and how you want to combine them. There are objective aspects that can help you, soft colors are more relaxing, bright colors are more stimulating, etc. There is a lot written about it that can serve as a guide, but in the end, you should be the one who chooses and it is better to think about it when you go to buy plants.

8.- Choose Few Plants Of The Same Species-

This is a subject that depends a lot on the size of the garden, but planting only one or two specimens of the same species usually gives the appearance of a meaningless mix. The theory of the experts and what great landscapers usually do is to repeat the plants to form large masses. If the garden is very small this does not make sense, but it is always more advisable to put several copies of the same plant than to make a sprinkling of many different plants.

9.- Delay Planting-

Once you have the plants at home, do not let a long time go by without planting. The pots in which they come are usually very small and dry out quickly with the consequent deterioration of the plant. Ideally, when you get home you distribute them on the ground to decide how you are going to combine them. Plant them and water them immediately.

10.- Try Not To Do Everything By Yourself-

In the garden center, there is usually expert staff who can advise and advise you when choosing. Do not have any problem asking them because they can be of great help. They are plant specialists and their advice will be of great help to you.

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So, here is all about 10 Beginner Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them. Hope you like it. For more info like this, you can visit our Gardening Tips category. Have a good day!

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