6 Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home, Tips For Healthy Plant

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One thing is certain: no plant lasts forever. Especially if you want it to be always green and flowery. Accepting its life cycle is part of the process of caring for any garden (however minor). But, sometimes, the cold or hot weather speeds up the natural process of things and in a blink of an eye, your little plants stay further than here. So, here we share with you the 6 Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home.

6 Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home

If you want healthy plants in your garden you need to take care of them properly, & make sure that you avoid common gardening mistakes. So here I’m going to tell you about the 6 Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home. Tale a Note.

1. Moisturizes The Leaves

During the summer, due to the heat, plants tend to lose water quickly. So spraying water directly on the leaves can help them better resist the change in temperature. Just don’t forget that this should be done when the sun is not very strong, that is, in the morning or late afternoon.

In winter you should still be careful that your leaves are well hydrated, taking care that they do not freeze with the change in temperature by protecting them with a cloth. Also, try to clean the leaves so that they do not accumulate dust and wilt.

2. Water Slowly

The heat tends to leave the land much drier. But, whoever imagines that the solution is to pour that glass of water directly into the glass is wrong. The ideal at this time is just the opposite, pour the water into the glass slowly (or even spray). Thus, you guarantee that the liquid is in fact absorbed by the earth and used by the plant. Otherwise, out of two one: either the water overflows, or creates a direct path to the bottom.

water slowly

And in winter, although the soil does not dry out quickly, it is essential that you monitor the hydration level of each plant and spray water according to its needs.

3. Bet On The Bottle Trick To Have Plants At Home

It will not work in the case of very long trips. But, so that the plants do not suffer during those weekends that you spend on the beach, a good option is to attach a bottle of water to them with a small hole in the end. The trick ensures that the plant receives at least a little water every day. It is vital that you do not make the hole too large or your plants will suffer the consequences.

4. Move Your Plants From Place

It is important to remember that with the change of season the positioning of the sun also changes. That is so that your plants continue to receive the same amount of light and shade recommended. It is necessary to move the pots from the place and prevent any of them from being in the dark. Or directly under the sun (unless this is the ideal environment for them, of course).

 Move Your Plants Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home

5. Strip The Leaves From The Flower Stalk

If you still don’t have a large garden, but you started the year with the willingness to have at least one glass of water and flowers coloring the environment. A trick that can help you make them last all week is to carefully remove the leaves that are left on the flower stem, just before they are submerged in the water. In general, this foliage lasts less than the flowers, leaving the water cloudy and shortening the life of your arrangement.

6. Choose Your Plants Well(To Have Plants At Home)

If you are going to start (or renovate) your garden or vegetable collection. It is worth thinking carefully about which plants will be chosen. There are species that do much better in the heat than others and that can make all the difference. A good idea, for example, is butterfly orchids (phalaenopsis), which manage to take advantage of the humidity of the environment or even the water at the base of your pot.

Choose Your Plants Well

Other interesting options are bromeliads, quite resistant by nature, and some succulents, which are true fans of the sun. The same applies if your space is not very bright, investigate the plants that accommodate these types of conditions.

I hope, this article 6 Basic Cares To Have Plants At Home will help you to take care of your plants. Feel free to ask any questions by commenting below. Happy Gardening.

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